Deepkissu's FAQ

Here’s some info you should know about my blog and about me (if you’d like). ^.^v

For NEW FOLLOWERS, please read through to the end. :)

About my blog:

I’m no longer writing on this blog, but do feel free to leave me messages through my ASK BLOG.

This blog has really matured in it’s 2-year lifespan. I used to take requests and write scenarios based on KPOP idols, but the latter stories I tried to make less KPOP-biased. I’ve also included a few of my own personal pieces as well. 

Anons if you’re comfortable, signature your messages! (so you’d have some kind of name or w/e you’d like to be called). I’d love to get more of a feel who is talking to me. :)

Q: Do you take requests?

A: I do not take requests anymore.

Q: How do you decide what to write about?

A: Sometimes ideas just pop up from scrolling through my personal blog. Inspiration from songs, movies, real life, other fanfictions, etc.

Q: What does Fluff/T/M/M+ stand for?

A: These are ratings for my writing.

Fluff = Cute affection or not highly romantic
(Fluff-)= Will include more negative themes
Teen = Kissing, making out at most, clothed body contact, hints of maturer content
Mature = Sex, sexual touching
Mature+ = Masturbation, fetishes, role-playing, anything a little sexually out of the ordinary

Q: When are you going to post again?

A: If inspiration ever strikes again, I may post something. But I’m not making any promises. 

Q: What other scenario writers would you recommend for me?

A: Here is a directory of all KPOP scenario writers! These are writers I am familiar with…

eveninmydreamss (optional bias) <—- she my tumblr bestie keke..

oneuldoinfiction (beast based, but optional bias sometimes)

anonymouskmine (optional bias, smut)

oneperfectmoment (various, but specific bias) (ACTIVE)

superscenario (super junior based bias, but optional
bias, inactive)

b2uties-heartscenarios (beast bias)

foshomblaq (mblaq bias)

mblaqscenariosatyourservice (mblaq bias)

honeeykpopscenarios (beast bias)

dong-woon (beast bias)

sunriseinthewest (optional bias)

pervingseoul (specific bias, for horngry readers)

mblaq-stories (MBLAQ bias)

nuttyberry (she’s not a writer, but she has a list of Big Bang scenarios on her page)

exxo-shot (EXO bias. Absolutely amazing smut writing)

A little bit about me:

Q: How old are you?
A: 21!

Q: Where are you from?
A: USA. California. (Pacific Time!)

Q: Are you a boy or a girl?
A: Girl. If it wasn’t obvious.

Q: Are you Korean?
A: No, I’m Chinese American. “Yeongin” is my Korean name translated from my Chinese name!

Q: Who is your bias?

A: I’m not really following KPOP anymore, but sometimes you might see names in the tags of certain scenarios. ;)

Q: Do you have a personal Tumblr?

A: Why, yes I do. VanillaStarx3 ^^

This is the story of the origin of my screenname. :)

I hope you enjoy my blog! Thanks for visiting. :)