When He Goes Into The Fitting Room with You (Optional Bias)

For the anon who requested. :) This actually came out cutesier than I had planned. The only real sexual part comes up in the longest paragraph, so skip it if you don’t like smut. Otherwise, it’s a cute read, I think. :P

Rating: T-M

“Jagi-yah, does this look good on me?” he held up a polo T-shirt against his chest for you to see. You were both in a large brand name clothing store in a mall, but it was unusually empty since it was the morning of a weekday. It was nice being able to wander the aisles without competing with others for merchandise and lines.

“Anything looks good on you,” you said as you pinched his cheek and scrunched your nose as you smiled.

“Aigoo… look how my girl knows how to please me…” he said as he pinched your cheeks right back and copied your cute expression.

You realized you were both walking towards the lingerie section, so you embarrassingly began to turn towards the other direction, but he grabbed your hands and said “Jagi-yah, let’s go through here.”

“Why?” you asked mortified.

“You should know why…” he said as he nipped your ear. “I’d like to see you try on some lace some time.” He chuckled against your skin as he kissed your cheek.

“Oh, God, oppa… you know that’s not my style.”

“Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t try it out right?”

“What do you mean by that…?” you asked as he tugged you with a sudden burst of excitement right into the lacey lingerie section.

Without shame, he picked out several matching sets of bras and panties for you before he pushed you towards the changing room. “Can we not do this?”

“Nonsense,” he said as he literally pushed you from the back with you against his chest towards the changing room. “Do it for me.” He kissed your neck before he had to stop at the entrance of the women’s changing room area since there was a female worker sorting out clothes. He urged you to go in with the wave of his hand and stared at you with an eager smile, so you reluctantly went in.

You walked into a brightly lit box of a room with a large mirror in front. The walls of the interior were colored a seductive purple and patterns of curved lines marked the lines of the walls. It was decorated nicely and matched the mood of the items you had to try. With yourself a little more mentally settled, you tried on all the different pairs of underwear he gave you. He apparently likes black, pink, and red lace. They made you feel uncomfortable, but since you wanted to please him the next time he would see your underwear, you stayed in the fitting room longer to look at yourself in every angle to make sure everything looked alright. They had a button for service in the fitting room, so you decided to press it for some extra advice from the female clerk.

You wore a very lacey red bra and panties when there was a knock at the door and you opened it expecting a woman, but instead you got your man. “What the-” But before you even had the chance to close the door on him, he pushed his way in and locked the door behind him.

You tried to cover yourself with your clothes. “Yah! What are you doing? Get outtttt! This is a girl’s changing room! Didn’t they stop you from coming in? Oh my God this is embarassing.” You tried backing away from him every time he advanced closer to you with a smirk, but you had very little room to do so, and it looked silly how he kept following you around in circles around the tiny room.

“I convinced the girl at the counter that I was gay and that you were actually just ringing for me for some help, so she let me go through. Now she’s somewhere else in the store sorting clothes.” He managed to pin you against the wall with his arms. He was about to kiss you when you dipped under and away from his lips in embarrassment. “Yah! Why do you keep avoiding me?!”

“Because this is so embarrassing,” you whined, still holding your clothes tightly against your exposed body.

He positioned his knee in between your legs so you couldn’t escape him. He placed his hands against the wall beside you to steady himself as he began to kiss your jaw line. “Ngh…” You shut your eyes and clenched your fists at the discomfort you felt.

Oblivious to your discomfort, he left kisses along your jawline and throat, and his hands began to tug at your wrists to let your clothes go. “Don’t cover yourself. I want to see how beautiful you are,” he said as he left a kiss on your lips.

You protested a little as you let his strong arms pry your hands and clothes away from your chest and he stared down at your body. He mentally gasped. His eyes widened at how desirable you looked. He could not understand why you were so insecure of showing him your body. Your curves, your flesh, your skin, your imperfections created the most beautiful, perfect girl in his eyes. And he wanted to make you see that. Plus, his underwear choice for you was perfect. He began hardening the moment he saw you. “Oppa, please stop staring…”

“You’re beautiful, jagi-yah.” He kissed you tenderly against your lips. “Let me show you how beautiful you are to me. Let me love you” he whispered against your lips before he continued breathing down your neck. You wrapped your arms around his neck so he wouldn’t get a good view of your body anymore and also as a sign of accepting his proposal.

“Oppa, I don’t want to get caught like this. It’s already embarrassing enough!”

“Fine. Just a little bit.” He bit your lip in response.

Since you didn’t want to go all the way, he slipped his hands into your red panties and stroked your womanhood back and forth on the outside to tease your body into wanting him. You moaned into his chest as he held your thigh up against his hips. His other hand slipped into you, and you grabbed onto his shoulders tightly as your body responded automatically and excitedly, pulling yourself up with his support. He helped you up by pushing his body against you more and by holding both of your legs now wrapped around his hips. He pressed his hardened bulge against your lower body and grinded you against the wall as his finger searched for your sweet spot inside. You gasped and moaned in hot pleasure against his ear and groaned when you reached your climax. He nuzzled your neck as he put you down.

“Put your clothes back on, we’re leaving NOW.”

“What’s the hurry now?”

“You told me I can’t make love to you here, so I’m going to be a good boy and wait til we get home first.” You began to take off the panties you were only trying on, but he stopped you. “Keep that on. They look good on you, plus I made you wet them anyway.” You slapped his arm. “I’ll just pay the lady who was at the counter. I’ll just tell her what you bought and pay it that way. Don’t take it off. Leave it on ‘cause I want to take it all off myself when I get you at home all to myself.” When you stared at him dumbfoundedly, he told you “ba-liiiiiiii~!” You laughed as he sat down hunched over on the fitting room chair trying to get himself under control before he went outside to pay for your new lingerie.