When You’re About to Do it, But He Gets Awkward Because He’s a Virgin (Optional Bias)

Well look at that, another scenario this week? I’m on a roll, guys! And I just realized now this must be the 3rd scenario request I’ve responded to you, anon! Now I feel a little guilty. I’ll be writing another scenario this weekend. Haven’t decided what it is yet tho. :)

Rating: T

He invited you over on a night all the other members weren’t staying in the dorm. Although he wasn’t the most spectacular of cooks, he was sweet enough to volunteer preparing ramen for you and timed it just right so that when you arrived in your Pjs, the food was ready and you both sat down eagerly with chopsticks in hand.

It was pleasant as you spoke of each other’s day as you slurped up noodles, laughing whenever the soup would splash onto each other’s faces. He wore a loose T-shirt and PJ pants as well, so it felt very informal and homely. Things have gone nicely and slowly since you first began going out.

You leaned forward in your seat to give him a kiss on the cheek across the small squared table when you were finished with your bowl. “Thank you, oppa. The food was very delicious.”

He smiled warmly. “I’m glad you liked it. Tell me next time you want some ramen and I’ll cook it for you!” You smiled in response and rose from your seat with your dishes in hand, ready to take them to the sink and wash them, but he jumped out from his seat to stop you. “Wait, I’ll do it!”

“No, it’s okay. You did the cooking, so I should do the washing.”

“No, _____-ah. I’ll do it, don’t worry.” He gently pushed you back down into your seat. “It’s okay, I’ll do it.” He smiled and took your bowl with his to the sink and began to wash.

You watched him from your seat at the table. He seemed rather distracted as you saw him scrub a bit, slow down, stop, and then vigorously start scrubbing again. It was a very unusual pattern. He didn’t say anything to you either, which was very unusual of him. “Oppa, are you okay?” you ask after you had observed him in silence for a bit.

Startled, he dropped the bowl he was scrubbing into the sink. “Shoot! Hn?” He turned his head to look at you as he leaned on his hands on the sink edge.

“Are you okay? You’re washing those dishes kind of weird.”

“Fine. Fine. Completely fine.” He quickly scrubbed and rinsed the bowl he had dropped and put away all the dishware before he spun around to face you. “So! What do you want to do now?”

He seemed awfully stiff as he stood there with his arms and legs crossed leaning against the counter with a huge smile plastered onto his face. You weren’t sure why he was this way, so you ignored it and suggested that you two visit his room.

He brought you in and opened the door for you, allowing you to walk in first since he was unsure of what you wanted to do in there. You walked over to his bed, sat down and patted the mattress so he would sit too. He sat down beside you and put an arm around your shoulders. “So what’s so great about my room?” he asked looking around curiously.

“It’s your room. It feels like you. And now that you’re in it, it’s complete.” You said as you kissed his cheek.

When you took a good look at his face after leaving the kiss, you noticed how his stare lingered on you. His eyes took in the twinkle of your eyes, the shape of your nose, the little shine of moisture on your lips, and most of the all, the blush on your cheeks. Everything about you in that moment enticed him, so he could not help but cup your face and kiss you lightly on your lips.

Your tongues began to explore each other before he pulled you down as you both continued to kiss. He rested his hands on your hips and you took the opportunity to sit on top of him as he laid there vulnerably. He popped up without his lips ever leaving yours so that you were both sitting on the bed, you with your thighs wrapped around his hips. He inhaled your scent when his face was by your chest, your smell intoxicating him. His mind filled with desire, and he began to lose his control, his hands began moving of their own accord.

He suddenly grabbed you closer and slipped his cold hands under your shirt with a new sense of urgency. He stroked your back and your sides, sending shivers up your body. His kisses became hungrier and your bodies moved together in a rhythmic motion. The heat was obvious as you both pushed the relationship to newer levels right then. He breathed heavily and irregularly against your mouth when you noticed that he was beginning to harden under you. You began to tug at his shirt to come off, but he stopped kissing you then and said into your mouth, “Wait…um…” You sat back into a slouch, discouraged and confused at his reaction.

“I’m sorry – was that too fast?”

“N-no…” You got off of him and sat down next to him, watching his reaction carefully. “Wait, no… Come back,” he said as he pulled you into his lap with your back against his chest. “I’m sorry, it’s just… I’ve never… um…” he swallowed. “… Done it before. With anybody.”

“No shit, oppa.”


“I’ve never done it with anyone before either.”


“What do you mean ‘oh’?”

“I thought… you’ve… you know.”

You turned around to face him. “Oppa! What makes you say that?”

“Well, because you seem to know what you’re doing. And you manage to make me feel really… um…”


“My heart starts beating really fast, especially when you kiss me like that, and I… I get nervous and I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know if I do the same for you… so I don’t know what I should –”

You took his hand and placed it on your chest. It took him a moment for him to realize what was happening. He silently stared at his hand on your chest with a shocked expression, squirming a bit in the proccess. But upon noticing how irregular and loud your heartbeat seemed to be, his gaze softened and he looked back up at you. “Do you understand?” you ask. “You make me nervous too. We’re the same thing, pabo.”

You tapped your forehead against his and you both smiled at each other’s embarrassment. He kissed you again and gently pushed you back against the bed. He looked down at you smiling. “Well, if you still want to do this… don’t get upset if I don’t do this right.”

You giggled. “Okay.”

“And you have to tell me if it hurts, okay?”

You laughed again. “Okay.”

“Seriously! Any pain at all, you have to tell me, got it?”

“Okay, oppa, I get it! Now get on with it!”

You both laughed. He whispered,“As you wish” and as another giggle escaped your lips, he took it as an opportunity to kiss your neck and let things flow naturally from there for the rest of the night.