A Wet, Warm Welcome to Winter Paradise (Optional Bias)

Here begins the Christmas scenarios! There is going to be an obvious order to these scenarios, so please read them sequentially. :) It’ll make more sense. This one is a response to the request “first snowball fight.” Don’t send me anymore Christmas requests. (Unless you have a scenario you’re DYING to read… otherwise…) I can take it from here!

You’re both going to be staying in a cabin for about a week leading up to Christmas. I’m pretty sure they don’t have cabins like these in South Korea, but for imagination’s sake, let’s just picture an extravagant, secluded winter cabin, please? (Hence the “winter paradise” reference.) ;) Enjoy~

Rating: Fluff

“Are you sure you know where you’re going?” you asked him hesitantly.

“Trust me, me and the other members always come here every year when it starts to snow. I know how to get there,” he affirmed.

He was driving both of you up to a snow cabin that he got permission to use for about a week from his manager. His manager was unusually generous since the band was on hiatus for the holidays, some members choosing to go home to see their family and others going on holiday show specials or traveling. That left the cabin that they often visited at this time of year, open for the both of you to use for a little bit. The plan was to have fun and relax in such a romantic setting and then he insisted on meeting your family overseas for Christmas. He is going to fly hours with you just to meet them later on in the week because he believed that this could win major brownie points from them, in addition to his curiosity about where your personality and beautiful looks came from. For now, your mind was more focused on the fun that you two would have rather than the scary thought of what would happen later on in the week.

“Ha, see, I told you I’d find it!” He pointed up ahead at the snow-covered cabin.

There were cabins all around, but they were separated by large spaces in between so that each one had a respectable amount of property and privacy.

The sun was setting upon arrival. The air was nippy when you stepped out of the car, your breath visible whenever you exhaled. He turned off the engine, got out of the car and opened the trunk to gather the duffel bags that you both packed for the little trip. But as he was about to lift a bag out, he felt something hit and splatter against his back. He spun around to find you laughing and pointing at him, your gloves wet from snow.

“Yah! That’s not nice!” He slammed the trunk shut so that the inside wouldn’t get wet, but while he did, you gathered another snowball. He noticed your readying attack and quickly ducked behind the short fence in hopes of evading your weapon.

Luckily for him, the snowball hit the fence instead, but unfortunately for you, he rebounded with an attack of his own. It barely missed you, so you gave him a merong and gathered a handful of snow again and ran towards his direction.

“Yah! I’m warning you! Don’t come near me with that!” You hurled it at him anyway and it landed on his shoulder. “Aishhhh!” He left his hiding place since your scary advancement towards him didn’t stop. The snow was thick, so as he tried to escape from you, he attempted to run as he struggled with the the layers of snow beneath his shoes. You picked up another handful of snow and threw it at him, hitting him square in the butt as he tried to run away. “YAH! Why are you so good at this?!”

He balled up some snow while he avoided you, and tossed a snowball at your leg because he didn’t want to hurt you. Your next snowball hit him on the side of the head however, and he laughed at how silly it seemed for him to be going so easy on you. Before you could throw another one, however, he tackled you onto the powdery snow so that you back rested on top of the white blanketed ground.

You both panted heavily and laughed at the game as he sat on top of you, bending over you and resting his forehead onto yours. You felt his warm breath against your mouth, automatically parted your lips in response to the welcoming heat and his lips closed the distance between each other. When he placed his bare hand on your cheek as he kissed you however, he snapped his eyes open at noticing how cold your skin was.

“We should go inside. I don’t want you to get sick, jagi-yah.” He gave you a quick peck on the lips before getting off of you and pulled you up by your hands. He brushed off the snow from your back before heading over to the car to sling the duffel bags over his shoulders and take the them indoors.

He opened the front door of the cabin to reveal a tall, extravagant living room. You had no idea where the money came from to provide such a luxurious place for the company to stay in, but you weren’t complaining… the place was absolutely beautiful and you had it all to yourself with your man. He let the bags slide off his shoulders before he helped you remove your coat as you stared at the place in awe. He took off his coat and boots as you took off your shoes and walked in, looking all around the place. It was very warm and cozy inside; the floor was carpeted, so it felt soft and homely. The fire was surprisingly set, the lights already on, and everything cleaned as if someone had set up everything before your arrival.

You turned around to ask him,“Oppa, did you…?”

“I had someone prepare everything before we got here.” He gave you a smile and walked towards you, pulling you into his arms by your hips. He nuzzled his nose against the side of your neck, but noticed the wetness of your hair. He chuckled against your skin.


“Your hair’s wet.”

“So? Yours is too.” You petted the side of his head where your snowball had landed on him earlier.

He whispered into your ear, “I think it’s bath time…” He took your hand and tugged you eagerly upstairs towards the bathroom, pulling his shirt off in excitement as you both made your way up the stairs.