First Bath Time (Optional Bias)

For the request “bath scenario.” She wanted fluffy, so this scenario doesn’t contain any smut. I expect things will heat up in the next scenario though… Meanwhile, this is a continuation of the Holiday scenario. :)

Rating: T

Minutes were ticking by as you laid on your back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, exhausted from the day’s events. Sitting in a car for hours was surprisingly a very tiring ordeal and your little snowball war did not help you either.

Wait a few minutes. I’m gonna go start the bath. Go change~” he had said to you, giving you a little push towards the bedroom after giving you a kiss on the forehead.

Running water sounded from the hallway into the room through the open door. You wore nothing but a robe after changing out of your wet clothes, ready for a good, relaxing soak in warm water. But despite such a relaxing activity to come, your heart was pounding. This would be the first time you’ve ever taken a bath with him, so what did he have planned for the two of you?

“Jagi-yah!” you heard from down the hall. “Come here~ The bath’s ready!”

You rose up from the bed and walked down the carpeted hall in your bare feet to the bathroom door and opened it slowly.

This place isn’t a cabin, it’s like a mansion! There was a fire burning by the tub to warm up the room and the tub filled with bubbly foam and steam rising into the air. All that you could manage to say was,“Wow…”

Your boyfriend chuckled at your fish-like face from where he was sitting at the tub’s edge, still wearing his pants and nothing else. “Come here! What are you doing, jagi?” He tested the water’s temperature with a finger. “It’s warm; come here.” He opened his arms to you with a welcoming smile.

You walked into his hold, his head nuzzling against your stomach in affection before he got up and slid his arms around you and held you from behind. He kissed your cheek and let his lips linger pressed against your skin as he untied the bow that kept your robe together and let your robe slide off of you and onto the floor, leaving you exposed to him. You tried covering yourself in embarrassment, but since he held you from behind, he wrapped his arms around you tighter, his hands stroking you gently along your arm and side. “You’re beautiful, jagi-yah. Don’t be nervous.”

He penguin-walked you in his arms to the tub and picked you up bridal-style without warning. You yelped in surprise and wrapped your arms around his neck so you wouldn’t fall. “Hee hee…” He gave you a big smooch on the cheek again before placing you slowly into the tub. The water’s heat felt wonderful against your cool skin. He unbuckled his belt and shook his pants and boxers off, throwing them off to the side before sliding into the tub. You slid to the other side to make room for him and tried to avoid touching him as much as possible. Have you ever felt his wet skin against yours? Not really. The thought of how arousing it would make you feel made you want to avoid his touch in shyness.

“Why are you so far away?” he questioned when he saw you sitting at the corner with your legs wrapped around your knees. “I’m not going to do anything to you. Come here.” He pulled you into him by the waist, forcing you to lean your back against his chest. You gasped when you felt his arms snake around your waist underwater. Your heart started beating even faster when you felt his manhood press against your lower back from the way he was sitting with his legs beside yours. But he murmured into your ear, “Don’t worry, jagi. We won’t do anything tonight. Let’s just take a nice bath and then go to sleep early, hm? I’m feeling tired today…”

“That sounds nice.”

He took a towel from the side of the tub, dipped it in the water and wiped it along your upper back and shoulders. He squeezed your shoulder muscles a bit to massage you from your tensed body. “It’s been a long day…” He wiped your shoulder again before leaving a kiss there.

He swept the cloth down your right arm, intertwining your hands with his briefly to wash them before following the towel up your arm again and down the other, doing the same. His other hand cupped water and poured it against your neck, and would slide against your skin simply feeling your body’s warmth against his own skin. His cheeks and chin rested on the round of left shoulder and neck, and he occasionally kissed your skin there as he wiped the towel against your body underwater. He guided it from the top of your back, down your spine and up and down your sides.

“I have presents for you, jagi-yah,” he said huskily beside your ear. He slid the cloth onto your thigh, causing you to bite your lip at the tingling sensations he caused in between your legs. “I’m going to hide them all over the the cabin tomorrow and you’ll have to find them.” He wiped the towel down your leg before painfully, slowly rounding back up. When he got back up to your inner thigh, your legs clamped together in response at the sudden overwhelming pleasure you felt. “Mmm-mm… how can I wash you if you don’t part your legs for me…?” Both his hands pried your thighs apart and you gave into his force, leaning yourself against his bare chest even more. He slid the towel against your womanhood and continued onto your left thigh and leg. It wasn’t his intention to arouse you too much, since he wasn’t planning on having sex with you that evening. He was much too tired from all the driving and preferred slow, sensual relaxation tonight instead.

After he had touched you absolutely everywhere with the towel, he leaned back against the tub, pulling you with him. It was extremely calming feeling the heated water warming your system, feeling the softness of your boyfriend’s chest against your back and his arms holding you, stroking your arms, shoulders, chest, collarbone, and neck. “So you’re going to make me work for my presents, huh?” you asked.

“I’ll help.” He nuzzled his nose against your ear.

“Are you going to give me a hint at what you got for me?”

“No, jagi! Of course it’s a secret. You’ll have to find out tomorrow, you bad girl.” He bit your ear and you giggled at the sensation.

After soaking in the bathtub for a good half hour, you both got ready for bed. You pulled on a tank top and PJ pants while he pulled on a pair of PJ pants and stayed shirtless. He pulled the covers open for you to get in before sliding into the bed himself. The sheets felt cold against your skin, so you shivered a bit, but he wrapped his arm around your waist and let his other arm be your pillow, circling it around to hold your back closer against his chest. “Sweet dreams, jagi-yah. Sleep well, my love,” he whispered against your shoulder. You both fell fall asleep from all the tiring traveling and dreamt of the fun that would come tomorrow.