Scavenger Hunt for Gifts (Optional Bias)

This scenario took a lot longer than expected (the Holiday special takes so much more work with all the research I have to do looking up pix and stuff… lol), so I couldn’t actually get to the smut. But there are hints as to what is to come… ^^;

Continuation of Holiday special. Find part 1 here and part 2 here.

Rating: Fluff - T


It felt warm all over.

All around your body, from your toes to your neck, there was warmth. Everything felt comfortable and soft. You snuggled closer to what felt the warmest, and when you slowly opened your eyes, you saw a beautifully shaped chest in front of you.

Good morning jagi-yah~” You looked up to see his smiling face. He was resting his head on one hand and had his arm wrapped around your waist with the other. You giggled at his cute expression and kissed his bare chest. “Mmmm…” he breathed, pulling you on top of him. You rested your hands on his chest. “You look beautiful when you sleep, jagi. Did you know that?”

“You were watching me sleep?”

“I woke up early today to hide all your gifts~”

You groaned against his chest. Why make you work for your presents? “Why can’t you just give them to me?”

“Aish… you lazy girl. Where would the fun be in that?” He gave you a peck on the nose. “Up, up! Let’s go find your presents.” He pulled you up with his hands under your arms and kissed you on the lips to wake you up.

You both cooked a simple meal since it was already close to noon. It felt really relaxed since you both wore your Pjs. He was still shirtless out of comfort. After finishing everything, he covered your eyes as he walked you to the living room and sat you down on the living room couch, eager to begin today’s funtivities.

Okay, jagi. I’ve left you… mm… 5 presents,” he said into your ear with his hands still covering your eyes. You were sitting up straight nervously as he sat behind you. “I went easy on you with the first one.”


He dropped his hands and you opened your eyes to be greeted with a pair of black orbs, staring back at you.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!” you squealed, grabbing the giant bear into your arms into a tight hug. “Oppa, he’s so cute!!!” You rocked the bear in your arms in happiness, snuggling against it.

“Aish… should I be regretting this? You’ve never reacted the same way to me…” he pouted childishly. “Give it back, I’m returning it. That bear is going to get more attention than me.” He opened his hands for it.

“No way! He’s too cute to give up.”

He folded his arms in fake frustration. “Fine. But you have to name him after me, ara?”

“Hehe… _____-ah,” you said to the bear. Just to tease your boyfriend, you poked the bear’s nose. “_____-ah. You’re so cute.”

“Yah, yah, yah! I’m right here!” he patted his chest. “Me. Cute. Here.” When you continued to snuggle the bear and didn’t look at him just to tease him some more, he threw his hands in the air. “Aish! Next present! Break up with him for me already~” he joked, tugging the bear out of your hands and placing it on the couch. “I bought him for you to hug when I’m gone and you’re missing me, so don’t give him all that attention when you’re with me, araso?” He held your hand and dragged you upstairs to find the next gift.

Two are in here,” he said proudly with crossed arms when you both arrived into the bedroom.


You looked at the nightstands and searched through the drawers but found nothing that resembled gifts. You looked under the bed and the couch, but still had no luck. Finally, you pulled the bed covers up and found lingerie resting innocently on top of the mattress.

“Oh my! You -”

His hands sensually slid onto your hips, pulling you back against his chest, silencing you with the sudden arousal. He kissed your neck and breathed into your ear, “Tonight, okay?”

“Aish… you’re such a pervert, oppa.”

Keke… Tonight, okaaaay? Last night I was too tired, but I want to do something fun tonight. Yes?”

“We’ll see~” 

You lifted the top up to get a better look at it and realized just how revealing it was. “YAH! You can see everything with this! I might as well not wear anything!”

“You’ve got a point,” he said nuzzling his nose and lips against your neck seductively. “Tonight though, okay?”

You sighed.

“Saranghae, jagi-yah.” He kissed your cheek. “Leave it here~ We’ll be coming back here tonight for it anyway…keke…” As you were about to head out the door, he kept you from going by tightening his arms around you. “Ah, there’s still one more gift in this room. I’ll give you a hint, it’s in my pants. Keke…” He lifted his arms into the air and waited for your hands to move.

You slapped his chest in embarrassment. His pants?
His pants? All you could do was stare at him.

“In my pants, jagi.” His arms were still raised in wait.

In silence, your hand hesitantly made it’s way towards his pants, attempting to slip it in, but when you did and you felt around to find nothing out of the usual, he closed his eyes, grinned and moaned.

“There’s nothing in here, oppa…”

He let a couple of seconds of awkward silence pass with an expression as if he was trying to stifle a laugh. “My pockets. In my pockets, jagi-yah…”

“Oh my – did you just trick me?!” He burst out laughing heartily, completely amused.

“Don’t call me a pervert, jagi! You’re totally one too! Hahahaha!”

You spun around with your arms crossed with a pout. He pulled you into his arms from behind hoping you’d forgive him. “Saranghae~”

You turned around and pinched his nose. “Yaish… you mean, oppa. Hold up your arms again!” He smiled amusingly at your command and shot his arms back into the air.

You dug through his pocket and pulled out glow-in-the-dark, 8-sided dice. One read, with a word on each side, “Rub, Lick, Finger, Nip, Kiss, Massage, Blow, Suck” and the other said “Lips, Stomach, Ear, Chest, Neck, Back, Thighs, Wrist.” Erotic dice.


“Cho-ah? It sounds fun, huh?” He beamed.

“What is going through that mind of yours?”

He suddenly grabbed your thigh against his hip and said mockingly in a seductive tone a centimeter away from your lips, “Plenty of things.”

You laughed at his silliness and pushed him off of you. “Where’s the other present?”

“Bathroom.” He walked you out into the hallway. “But just to be clear, we’re using those on this trip sometime no matter what.”

You walked through the entrance to the bathroom and looked around for the next gift. The tub? Not there. Sink? Nope. Shower? Nothing. Under the mat? He laughed when you lifted it. Nope.

Try the tree, jagi,” he chuckled.

You walked over to it, looking at it up and down. There was so much on the tree… ornaments, lights, bells, bows, more ornaments, how in the world did he expect you to find -

There was a shiny silver-colored necklace dangling at the top of it. Upon closer observation, it was actually two necklaces! You climbed up the steps to reach for them but found that you were too short. He chuckled at your attempts and walked over to lift you up. “Do you like making fun of my short height?” He only laughed in response. You pulled the necklaces off the tree and found that they were a pair of couple’s necklaces.

(Minus the “R”…)

“One for me, one for you.” He took the one with the key and fastened it around your neck before doing the same for himself with the one with the lock. “Do I even need to say the line?”

“Why not?”

“Jagi-yah…” He dramatically lifted your chin to look him in the eyes. “You… hold the key to my heart. And this,” he said holding up the lock, “is a symbol… of my heart.” You both broke out laughing at his exaggerated voice and cheesiness of the lines. “You might even say that these necklaces just show how dorky I am.”

“I love it.”

“It’s nice that it’s not obvious that they’re couple necklaces when apart. Fans are probably just going to think I have this weird new bondage fetish or something with a lock and chain around my neck…haha.”

“Do you?”

“Have that fetish?” You nodded. “Maybe…”


“Wait – why?” He was shocked by your answer.

You’re not the only one with fun things planned for our trip.”

“Ooooo… My girlfriend really is a pervert…” He said patting your butt. “Okay! Last present! To the kitchen~!”

So you both walked downstairs and into the large kitchen. You opened all the cupboards but found nothing. You even lifted all the cups in the cupboards to see if they hid anything. Nothing. When you got to the oven, however, you noticed something in there. You pulled out a round, undecorated cake and placed it carefully onto the counter.

“Um… didn’t have time to finish the present?” you questioned.

“No, jagi. I want us to do it together.” He opened the fridge and pulled out bowls of fruit, chocolate, and buckets of cream. “You’ve had a history of not eating regularly, so FOOD is a very befitting present for you, I think. Let’s make a Christmas cake!” He set out all the decorations and ingredients onto the counter and tied an apron around you and himself for some really intense labor.