Cream (Optional Bias)

Smutty as promised, but probably not as smutty as you would hope! Once the games come out at night, the smut will get less frustrating. LOL Mianhae…This scenario covers THE blowjob request. It’s all good fun.

This is a continuation of the Holiday Special, part 4.
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Rating: M+

So… cream first?” you questioned as he opened the bucket of cream.


By the time you both had set everything up to begin decorating the cake, after eating dinner actually because you both got hungry, it was already late in the evening.

He handed you a spatula to spread the cream and you both dipped them into the bucket to begin decorating the cake. He bent down, and eyed the cake carefully, making sure that cream covered every little square inch of the cake. When he noticed you missed a spot on your side, he said, “_____-ah. You’re missing places. Do it like this.” He showed you the “proper” way to wipe the cream on, but you continued doing what you were doing. When he saw that you weren’t covering the whole cake again, he scolded you, “Yah! Do it right!”

Sometimes, his perfectionist tendencies were really excessive. You smeared cream onto his nose with your finger in defiance. He could only stare back at you in shock. You swiped some onto his cheek this time when he didn’t react to you.

“Yah, yah, yah!” He grabbed a hold of your wrists so you wouldn’t dip them into the bucket for more again. “Clean this off! Right now!” He held up a towel for you to do so, waiting for you to make up for what you did.

Instead of using the towel of course, you licked the cream off of his cheek. He jumped back in surprise at your reaction. You grabbed his face and licked off the rest from his nose, licking the remains off of your lips and stared at him in challenge.

The look in your eyes turned him on immediately like a light-switch. He eyed you just as seductively as when you watched him, as he dipped his fingers into the bucket and slid some onto your lip, letting his finger pull your lips down slightly from the skin contact. You licked it off of you and looked up at him, giving him the dirtiest look you could give. He slammed his lower body into yours, pushing you against the kitchen counter, teasing your lips once again with more cream on his finger. You flicked your tongue lightly against his finger, removing the cream from him. He watched the sensual movement of your tongue intently, parting his own lips automatically in response. When you took his whole finger into your mouth, sucking on him and gazed up at him, he couldn’t contain himself anymore. He removed his finger, pulling your hips into him and forced his tongue into your mouth, twisting and turning with your tongue to taste the sweet cream.

He untied the bow behind you to take off your apron, throwing it onto the floor, and you did the same for him. Both of his hands slipped under your shirt and pressed upwards, removing the cloth with them. He kneaded your breasts on the way up as he kissed you before yanking your shirt completely off of you, but left your bra on. In his heat, he grabbed your butt, pushing you up and gripping your thighs against his hips so your legs could wrap around him. He pushed your torso down onto the cold counter-top with the force of his lips on yours.

He stopped kissing you for a minute to dip his hand into the bucket for more cream as you lay there, watching him as you breathed heavily. He smeared a trail of cream from your neck down into the middle of your chest in between your breasts. His tongue traced the sweetness the same way his hands had touched you, but his tongue would tease your skin, licking and sucking away the whiteness. You breathed pleasurable noises, entwining your fingers into his hair to hold his head against you. Down his lips and tongue went from your neck to your collarbone and lower in between your breasts, licking away the final remains of cream off of you.

You reached your hand into the bucket beside you to get some cream onto your fingers while he was busy. “Oppa.” He looked up and you pulled his chin up to you, stroking some cream onto his lips. He held your wrist as he licked a couple of your fingers clean. You wiped the rest onto his lips again and pulled his neck down with your other hand to press your lips against his and share the sweet taste together.

His lips moved down onto your neck after finishing off the cream. “_______-ah…” he said in between kisses.


“Will you… taste me there?”


“Here,” he guided your hand onto his aching bulge.

“Now?” You rubbed him there, feeling his hardness and heat.

“Nnff… yes,” he breathed. “Now.”

He pulled off his pants and boxers down to his butt to expose himself to you as you switched positions so that he was lying on the kitchen counter this time. It was the first time you were doing this and you were nervous, so you spread a little bit of cream onto his tip with your finger to get things started. His member jerked against your light touch.

“Show me how you want it,” you whispered into his ear as you touched your forefinger against his lips.

He held your wrist as he slipped your finger into his mouth, sucking gently and letting his mouth suck on you up and down in a certain rhythm. His eyes were closed, but when he finished his little demonstration, his eyes looked at you darkly with lust. “Like that.”

You lowered your head to him again and he pulled your hair to one side to get a better view of you. You flicked your tongue against his tip just to test the waters. His member pulsed against your mouth. You glided your tongue from his base to his head from every side so that his shaft was lubricated enough for easier movement and he bit his lips at what felt like teasing. You slipped his head into your mouth, sucking with the same intensity as he had shown you with your finger and began to move up and down at a slower pace that picked up speed with every movement. Whenever your lips would pass the ridge of his tip, he would shiver. When you began moving faster, he moaned your name into the air as his head fell back in pleasure and he shut his eyes tightly, clenching your hair. You wrapped your hand around him near his base and began moving it up and down as your mouth continued to stimulate his head. His chest began rising and falling visibly as his breathes came out uneven. You varied your speed just to tease him. When you slowed down, he groaned “ahh… faster…” and accidentally squirmed in anticipation, causing your teeth to graze his throbbing member.

“OW!” He popped up immediately in pain.

“Omo! I’m so sorry!”

Owwwwwwwww…” He clamped his legs tightly together as he bent over, holding his lower part with his hands in pain.

You placed your hands on his shoulders and watched him with worry and guilt. He sat there in that position, letting his head hang for half a minute or so, making “ssssssssss” noises. “Is there anything I can-”

“Nuh-uh… nope. I’m going to need some time to recover from this. Aish…” He slid off of the counter and carefully pulled his boxers and pants back up, grumbling like an old man, caught between feeling frustrated at your teeth and also at himself for getting too excited. He began to walk out of the kitchen inch by inch with his legs awkwardly spread apart. “I think I need to sleep this off…”

Okay, so you made a mistake doing this the first time. You felt bad, but his reaction to it was sort of funny. He couldn’t see you with his back to you anyway, but you bit your lip as you smiled, hoping that a burst of laughter would not escape. “No fun for you then tonight, huh?” you couldn’t help but say as you tried to hold down the laughter. You began to clean up the cake ingredients instead.

“Don’t even…” he mumbled as he walked away, hunched over. “TOMORROW… You are making this up to me! We’re going ice-skating tomorrow in the DAY, but when we COME BACK… YOU’RE MAKING IT UP TO ME… Aish… this girl… how did this even… aishhhhhh….” he muttered up the stairs.

(Lol, did I just frustrate more readers? The blowjob request was “when he’s cranky and sulky because you accidentally bite him during a blowjob” so it had to be this way~ More smut later tho, don’t worry.)