Ice-Skating (Optional Bias)

This is a continuation of the Holiday Special, part 5. Find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, and part 4 here.

Rating: Fluff (T at the end)

Here you go,” the person behind the counter said as he handed both you and your boyfriend pairs of ice skates.

It was a perfect day to ice-skate. The rink was in your cabin’s area and although there were people, it wasn’t crowded since it was the weekday. You both rolled out of bed this morning at noon because there really isn’t a reason to wake up early during a vacation. Although a little groggy, he had lost his grumpiness from the night before at the thought of starting a whole new day fresh. It didn’t hurt anymore either, so he was physically fine too. He reminded himself to be a little more careful for next time though…

You both took the skates and sat down at a bench to lace them up. He tied his shoes faster than you did, so he looked over at you to check on your progress. You did it a lot carefully and slower than he did, but he asked you out of courtesy, “Need help?”

“Why not?”

So he knelt down in front of you and helped tie your laces just as carefully as you did. As he was so focused on doing a good job, you held his cheeks and kissed the top of his beanie. He smiled to himself into his scarf when he felt the pressure on his cheeks and head. When he finished, he stood up and offered his hand to you with a grin. You took it and you both waddled to the ice.

The first step is always the scariest. He was brave and decided to walk onto the ice first to help you into the rink safely. He supported you with both of your hands in his, letting you move at your own pace. From the way he he held you and watched you, you felt confident that he wouldn’t let you fall. You slid onto the ice and he began to tug you forward along with him, gliding his feet left and right gracefully. His pace was like a strolling speed, so it was more than easy for you to keep up with, but you pretended to struggle with the slippery ice and wobbly legs just to see how he’d react to his “helpless” girlfriend. As you gripped onto his right hand with both of yours, you let your legs stop moving sometimes to feign difficulty with moving.

He kept peering back to check on you, you who needed to be tugged along like a little train. When you stopped moving all together just to see how he’d react, he looked back at you with a chuckle and said, “Shall I pull you?” He took your left hand into his left and your right into his right so that his back was facing you, and moved along gently this way.

He seemed so content tugging you along. He even swayed to the background music playing in the rink, causing you to follow his happy movements. His little fuzzy pompom daggling from his beanie bobbed to his movement too. The scarf wrapped snuggly around his neck and poofy, warm jacket only added to his overwhelming cuteness. In the end, you could only stare at his back for so long without wanting to hug him close, so you took a step to increase your speed so that you could wrap your arms around his waist.

He laughed, dropping his head back and tapped it against yours. “Got lonely back there?”


He pulled you forward so that you were by his side. “Better?” He held your hand and you both skated side by side.

The pace seemed a little slow now, so you decided to glide in front of him and turn to face him, pulling his hand like a child. “Faster, oppa~” This time, you were dragging him along, but at a much faster speed.

“Uwah!” It surprised him. He stumbled trying to keep up with your pace. When he found his balance and made it to your side without falling, he managed to say, “Jagi-yah, were you tricking me this whole time? You actually know how to skate well!”

“I never said I couldn’t.” You tilted your head and gave him a wink.

“Alright, you asked for it.” He gripped your hand tighter and sped up. You both competed in speed, one sometimes getting ahead of the other, and then switching back and forth. He would look over at you and give you a smug look, and just to be cute, you’d do the same and perhaps throw in a merong. Your hair whipped behind you with the rushing air, and he had to hold onto his beanie to keep it from flying off. You were both dodging startled looking people left and right as you both laughed out loud from the exhilaration.

But there was that one person who just wouldn’t budge, so you and your boyfriend ended up swerving off to avoid the person, causing you both to lose balance and roll onto the ice for several feet. He was fast enough to catch you so that you landed on top of him when you both fell. The laughter only got louder because of the carelessness between the two of you. His laugh became a smile as he looked at your bright face. You were just so beautiful to him, nothing else mattered. It made no difference that you were both lying on the ice in the middle of the rink with people giggling at you or staring at you for such obvious public display of affection. You were beautiful to him. You were all he saw, all he could see. He looked into your eyes, and stroked your cheek in affection. When you closed your eyes, he pressed his lips to yours.

“Eomma~! Look! They’re kissing,” a child exclaimed.

“Aigoo, look away, you’re too young,” the mother insisted.

You both snickered in response before attempting to get up. You got off of him and both of you tried to stand up, but kept slipping around and landing onto your hands instead. You managed to stand up first, so just for fun, as he was squatting, about to get up, you shoved him back down.

“Yah! Jugeuleh?!” When he tried to get up again, you shoved him down again, laughing at how he struggled so much with getting back up. He grabbed your legs, pulling you down with him (but making sure you met the ice safely) when your bullying didn’t stop. He pulled you into a bear hug with you lying on top of him. You burst out laughing, squirming around so that he would let go. When he did, he giggled when you slapped his arm in annoyance at his retaliation. This time, when you tried to rise, he yanked at your jacket so that you couldn’t as he tried to get up. Back and forth you two went, foiling each others attempts at standing up-right like mature adults.

“Okay! Truce! We’ll get up together!” he panted as you both sat there on your bottoms, out of breathe. You both got up individually, eyeing each other amusingly to make sure the other didn’t try anything funny.

You held hands again and playfully skated around for a couple of more hours before your feet started to ache, and you both called it a day. As you both walked back to your cabin, snuggling close against each other because of the temperature, he asked you, “Jagi, are you cold?” He took off his scarf and wrapped it around the both of you. “Hee… It’s warmer, huh?” After a bit of walking, he asked you out of the blue, “Do you remember what you owe me, jagi-yah?”


“Hmmm…?” He pinched your cheeks.

“I remember.”

When you both entered into the cabin and walked up the stairs, he started tugging you towards the bathroom. “Let’s go take a bath together again, ou?”

“No, go take your own bath.” You tried to shrug him off of you as you gathered a towel.





“Cheballllllll~” He hugged you from behind, knowing that that was your weakness. But you had a plan and you weren’t about to let his begging change that. “I’m going to do an aegyo on you…”

“Let’s see it then,” you said with your arms crossed as he came in front of you.

He cupped his cheeks, widened his eyes, staring up at you. In a high-pitched voice, he said, “Shower? Together? Please?” You turned around and closed the door on him to the bathroom. “WAE?!”

He sulked in the bedroom on his own for a good fifteen minutes before you came out again in a towel. He bounced up, and pulled you against him, wanting to kiss you, but you blocked him and told him to go shower first. “Why are you being so mean today?”

“Go. Now.” You smacked his butt and he finally walked off with a towel into the bathroom.

When he came back out, smelling fresh and clean in only a towel wrapped around his hips, he nearly had a heart attack at what he saw in the bedroom.

There, sitting on your knees with your thighs spread sexily apart on the bed, fixing your hair, was you wearing the red lingerie he had bought for you along with black heels. The moment he saw you like this his member hardened. When you noticed him standing at the doorway in shock and your eyes met, he was about ready to explode with desire. He turned several shades of red, still too nervous to move.

“Come over here~” you gestured with your finger. Like a robot, he walked over to you mindlessly. You stood on your knees brushing your thighs subtly to tease him. When he walked to the edge of the bed, you held his chin with your finger, drawing him forward to join you on the mattress.