This Christmas (Optional Bias)

This is a continuation of the Holiday Special, part 7. Find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, and part 6 here.

Merry (late) Christmas my lovely followers~!

Rating: Fluff- T

The room was bright and warm as you shifted comfortably under the covers. You looked over to see him sleeping with his arms in resting above him with his body facing forward. He looked so serene snoring away on the bed without a care in the world. The sunlight from the windows illuminated his exposed chest, making his skin glow. The bed covers wrapped softly around one of his legs, baring the other, hiding his pelvis and lower. His beauty was almost god-like; you were almost scared to touch his perfection. Very lightly, you caressed your fingertips across his chest, knowing that this wouldn’t wake him since he was a deep sleeper. You snuggled closer against him, stroking his thick, soft hair, and pinched his cute nose.

He stirred and peeked his eyes open to see you snuggled up against him and smiled. “Merry Christmas,” you smiled up at him.

He kissed your forehead. “Merry Christmas, jagi-yah.” He stretched his long arms out. “Did you sleep well?” He pulled you closer against his chest giving you kisses all over your face.

“The best sleep I’ve ever gotten.” You gave him a peck on the lips. “Let’s get up and enjoy Christmas.”

He wrapped his arms around you to keep you from moving. “Noooo… let’s stay here.”

“Up, oppa. It’s already so late in the day. We can’t sleep away Christmas. Look,” you managed to get up and slip into one of his larger T-shirts. You skipped over to the window and pulled the curtains away to reveal how brightly the sun was shining already. But instead of being greeted with clear skies, it was snowing. Heavily. “Oh…”

You felt two strong arms snake around your waist. He rested his chin on your shoulder. “Looks like we’re snowed in this Christmas. So…” His hand wandered down your waist and thigh, shifting back up to lift the T-shirt up as his hand neared your special place.

You spun around in response. It was Christmas! You had to enjoy other things of course. “Later,” you said as you gave him a quick kiss and skipped to the bathroom to clean up. He leaned his hand on the wall and sighed.

In the kitchen as you were eating your Christmas waffle, he suddenly called your name. You looked up and he was holding the fridge door open. “We never finished our cake…” he snickered. He closed the door, but you hopped off of your stool and opened it again, taking the cake and other ingredients out. He watched you curiously.

“Let’s finish it then!” This really giddy, excited expression crossed his face (like a child being given Christmas presents), but you corrected yourself, “We’re finishing the cake. Actually. Nothing dirty, oppa.” He pouted.

You spent the afternoon decorating the cake. The cream was mostly done from the last attempt, but you both needed to add everything else, from the strawberries, to the chocolate to decorating cream. You arranged the fruit first, both of you alternating with placing strawberries in a little circle. When you both got to the point where there was only one open spot left, you exclaimed, “I want to put the last one in!” Before you could put in place, however, he booted you to the side with his hip.

“Yah!” You did the same little shove to him. Laughing away, you both pushed each other with your sides until you managed to win. “Ha!”

“No fair…” he pouted and glared at you. You slipped a strawberry into your mouth as you took out the cream for more decorating. You turned around and almost walked into him. He opened his mouth, waiting. “Ah. Ah. Ah~” You took a strawberry and popped it into his mouth. When he swallowed it, he opened his mouth again in wait. You playfully slapped his arm and he just chuckled, pulling you into him by the waist, kissing your cheek.

“Want to add the cream?”

“Cream…” he snickered. “Sure.” He took it from you and created little mounds of white on the cake on the outside of the strawberry circle. There was no way he was going to let this cream idea slide though, not after your little incident a couple of days ago. He squeezed a spot of cream onto his finger and he offered it to your lips when you were busy with the chocolate. You leaned away, continuing with squirting the chocolate into pretty patterns on the cake. He smeared it onto your nose in defiance and giggled when you glared at him, giving him a
you-did-not-just-do-that look. He didn’t back down though, and licked it off of your nose.

“Yah, we’re not getting distracted again, araso?” You turned your attention back to your cake. “We’re going to finish this.”

“It’s almost done anyway,” he whined.


He went over to the drawers and found some little Christmas decorations for it and placed them onto the cake. “Let’s save it for later, ou?”

“That sounds good.”

“And now let’s–”

“Let’s watch a Christmas movie!” He mentally did a face palm.

“Neh…” He agreed, slumping away, following you into the living room.

You both snuggled on the couch watching a sappy Christmas movie. The truth was, it wasn’t actually that interesting after a good thirty minutes had passed, but you pretended to be very focused on the film. He, on the other hand, was very obviously bored. He shifted this way and that on the couch, and since you were leaning on his arm, you could feel his every movement. He turned his head and looked behind him to see mistletoe resting innocently on a small table behind him.

“Jagi-yah…” You turned to look at him. His arm was raised above you, so you looked up and found that he was holding mistletoe above the two of you. Eagerly like a child, he closed his eyes and puckered his lips to you.

You sighed and gave in, cupping his cheeks and pressed your lips against his. In a sudden fire, he tossed the plant from his hand and pulled your waist closer to his so that you were both facing each other on the couch. This is what he wanted; the mistletoe was all it took to get things going. Your hands dropped, startled at his surprising urgency. He cupped your face in his hands instead, sinking his tongue into your mouth, exploring you, tasting you hungrily. His hands journeyed downward and tugged your body closer so that you straddled him, resting comfortably on his lower body. “Jagi,” he said into between kisses. “We have a lot of time to kill. Let’s play a game. We’re not going anywhere with all that snow anyway.”

You stopped to look down at him. “What game?”

He took out the erotic dice from his pockets, jiggling them in his palms. “Keke…” Without letting you answer, he peeled your collar open and dropped them into your shirt (winning a gasp from you as you struggled to dig them out of your shirt) as he swept you up into his arms, holding you bridal style to take you upstairs to the bedroom, cackling like an eager mad man.