Erotic Dice (Optional Bias)

This is a continuation of the Holiday Special, part 8. Find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, and part 7 here

Rating: M

Rub, Lick, Finger, Nip, Kiss, Massage, Blow, Suck

Lips, Stomach, Ear, Chest, Neck, Back, Thighs, Wrist

That’s what those little suckers read.

So you finally decided to put his little gift to use. There was not much else to do to pass the time on this snowy day. No where to go with all that snow pouring down; might as well have a bit of fun before it it was time to leave your little winter paradise. Tomorrow you both had to pack and get ready to catch the night flight to your parents’ home overseas, so tonight was the last night you’d have left with him here in the cabin.

You tossed the little octahedrons in your palm as you sat quietly on the bed. You weren’t sure what to expect since you’ve never seen erotic dice before, so you just watched as he stripped his his tank top and threw it onto the floor. (It seems he has picked up a habit of tossing clothes around when he’s excited…)

When he finished, he walked over to you with this playful, sexy look about his face and never looked away from you as he crawled onto the bed closer to you. You backed away automatically, but he grabbed a hold of your arm and pulled you closer. “Ah, ah ah~ jagi-yah,” he denied. “You’re not escaping from this game. Come closer, jagi…”

So you sat closer cross-legged. He sat on his knees, eager like a little boy, ready to reach you at any moment. He took the dice from your open hands. “Ready?” His eyes sparkled in excitement. “I’m going to throw these one time and you have to do whatever it says to me and when it’s your turn to go, then I have to do whatever it says to you, araso? Heh… Here it goes.”

He tossed the little shapes onto the bed.

Nip. Stomach.

He looked up at you with a sly smile and laid down on his back. “All ready for you,” he teased as he gestured a sweep of an open palm over his exposed torso.

You crawled over to his side and bent over, nipping his navel once out of shyness. There was an expectation that you had to be erotic and it felt a little silly that he was just waiting for it to happen out of the blue. He caught your wrist before you could leave, however. “Better,” he demanded. He tugged you over so that you knelt in between his bent thighs instead.
Well, since he asked for it. It wouldn’t be so fun to disappoint him anyway; he’s had to suffer a lot of disappointment and frustration this vacation it seems.

So you steadied yourself on your palms on the mattress and looked him straight in the eyes at an angle like a predator and nipped at his stomach several times, never losing eye contact with him. He was resting on his elbows. His clear view of you, bent over him like that so close to his manhood was beginning to arouse him. You gave him a few more love bites on him, but slowly made your way down with your lips as you did so. You felt his stomach muscles flex at the soft sensations and his breathing picked up speed. But you stopped before he got too excited and sat up with a smug look about your face. He grumbled a bit, but was satisfied that you actually worked this time.

He handed you the dice and you tossed them onto the bed.

Kiss. Thighs.

He sprang up and pushed you down with a dirty smile so that you laid on your back. Your hands were up in protest because you were so nervous at how it would feel. He pinned them down for you, whispering, “Relax… It’ll feel good.”

Your legs were bent now that your hands rested against the mattress. He let your arms go and let his hands slide onto your outer thighs. His fingers peeled your PJ pants down so that you were laying only in your underwear and loose T-shirt. Another turn on for him, seeing you laying down on a bed, squirming in embarrassment as he removed your clothing. He knelt in between your leg in the same position as you previously, taking a hold of one of your thighs to push you slightly towards him as he pressed his lips to your skin. You felt his lips move downward toward your womanhood, tickling your skin. Before he got there however, his lips began on your other knee and slowly made their way down again. He took his time pressing his lips down your inner thighs, leaving a trail of slightly wet spots on your skin. You shivered as his lips were so deliciously close to your center. It was arousing to see his head in between your legs like so, his hair softly caressing your sensitive skin, your breathing could not help but become jagged and he took notice of this. As his lips neared you, an inch away from touching your area, he sat up, smiling in revenge.

“It’s on.”

He took the dice from your hands and gave them a little toss.

Lick. Stomach.


“Continue where you left off, jagi.” He laid down for you again and you positioned yourself the same way you had before. Your tongue traced him down from the middle of his torso all the way down to his belly button, although your touch became more like half kisses and half licks so that your movement was smoother. The trail of coolness from your saliva on his stomach made him want to grab you and make you fix it, to make him warm. There plenty of ways to do that, but he resisted the urge to take you, all to extend this good fun.

Your turn.

Suck. Back.

“On your stomach, please.” You flopped over onto your stomach, resting your chin on your hands. You felt his fingers lift up your T-shirt to expose your skin to him. He held your T-shirt in place with one hand, rested the other on your thighs, stroking you slowly up and down, and rubbed you from the outside in, sending shivers up your spine. He felt your trembles under his hands and smirked against your skin as he sucked spots all over your back, working his way from top to bottom. He left little red marks all over (but in a pattern), pleased with himself at the final result. When he sucked on your sides just for the heck of it, you moaned because of the sensitivity. How long am I going to last with this game? He wondered. The way your body looked right now was very, very tempting. He was beginning to doubt whether he could restrain himself much longer from touching you more intimately. You began to question this as well when the hand that held up the cloth began to move under you, from your stomach up to your bra. His long, greedy fingers began to dig their way under your bra to tease your breasts as he kissed you and licked you on your back now instead of sucking.

This game was getting exciting. The idea that everything should only be tasted rather than devoured seemed like a thrill since you had never experimented with this type of fun before. As a result, you wanted to drag out this game as long as possible, even if he couldn’t handle that.

You didn’t allow his hands to journey far up by rolling onto your back and sitting up. He had a slightly shocked expression on his face at your reaction, so you kissed his nose. “We have a game to play. Let’s not get carried away. I want this game to last.”

“Now who’s talking…” he smirked as he pushed you back onto the bed. He wanted to play, but he wanted more. Your body was invitation right now that he had a lot of trouble resisting.

You rolled the dice for him despite the position he had put you in, since he was quite distracted kissing your neck at the moment.

Kiss. Ear.

That was easy. Since his face was so close to you already anyway, you cupped his face in your hands and turned him so that his ear faced you instead and you gave him a little smooch on the top of his ear.

“I feel cheated,” he pouted. “The next one better be more exciting,” he said as he buried his face into your neck again.

You rolled the dice again for yourself.

Massage. Neck.

You sat up for him despite his little protesting and turned your back to him, pulling your hair in front of you so it wouldn’t get in the way. He slid his hands from your shoulders to the front of your neck, using his thumb to press circles into the base of your neck near your shoulders. His fingers traced patterns on the front of your neck, tickling your skin. All these light sensations around your neck made your stomach flutter in anticipation. When his thumb sensually stroked your skin back and forth, his touch no longer left pleasant feelings, but instead, evoked a burning desire within you. You bit your lip and your shoulders tensed up again. He noticed this and smirked to himself at his successful seduction, replacing his hands with his lips to your neck and ear. As he did so, he wrapped one arm around your waist, pulling you closer against his body, the other reaching out to roll the dice.

Lick. Lips.

By now his patience had worn thin. He spun you around and pinned you onto the bed, crushing his lips to yours without letting you answer the dice. Your lips left his every few seconds or so to lick his wet, parted lips. His warm breath tempted you closer to him as his hands also cupped your cheeks, pulling you towards him in hunger as your tongues teased each other. Although the dice did not call for anything more than lip-licking, there were some occasional bites and nips on each others lips as well. You grabbed his back and flipped rolled him over so that you were on top, causing him to exhale a sudden, tensed breath. You threw the dice while your body was pressed into his, his nipping journeying to your collarbone down towards your chest.

Blow. Back.

After noting the command, he rolled you over so that he was on top and you were on your stomach. He seated himself comfortably on your butt, and you could already feel that hardening bulge in between your thighs. He slid his hands up your back, lifting your shirt to reveal your back. You suddenly feel light blows on your lower back, causing your toes to curl and hands to grip the sheets. He left little blows on spots all along your back, making his way up til he got your bra.

To your shock, he began unclasping your bra. “What are you-”

“It’s in the way.”

Now that your bra was only in place due to it being sandwiched between your body and the bed, he took the opportunity to let his chilly breath move towards the sides of your breast, his hands sensually stroking your waist up and down, his pelvis subtly grinding against your butt. You gasped. He did the same to your other breast and you found yourself biting your lip so hard from the hair-wrenching pleasure that you could taste a hint of blood. “Nnng…”

He took the sound of your pleasure as a sign to stop. He rolled the dice.

Finger. Chest.

You flipped onto your back and he nestled his lower body into yours again, bent over, staring at you with lusty eyes from above. You slid your forefinger from his neck down his chest, tracing his collarbones along the way, circling around his nipples, before continuing straight down to his belly button. You glided your finger along his stomach, letting your fingers tease the fuzz on his navel right above his pants. “Mmmm…” he breathed. His chest probably didn’t get enough attention, so you brought your hand back up to his chest and flitted your fingers all along his skin, using your free hand to grab the dice and give them a little toss.

Suck. Wrist.

He supported his weight with one hand on the mattress, the other taking a hold of your hand and turning your wrist towards his lips. Your pulse beat over-time against his lips that sucked on your skin. His dark eyes never left yours. When you saw his tongue sweep along your skin in a deliberately arousing way, your bit your lips as your eyes looked at up at him. Now it was his turn to feel it. Don’t ever look up at a man as you bite your lips unless you want him on edge. You felt him. There, pressed against your pelvis, you could feel the need his body was emitting.

He quickly threw the dice for his turn.

Suck. Thighs.

He got off of you and laid down for you, leaving his knees bent. As he watched you intently, you peeled his pants down slowly, ensuring that your hands grazed his skin as much as possible. His member hardened even more at the sight of you removing his pants. When you had successfully removed his clothes, you held his left thigh, and began with light kisses that developed into sucks as you got closer to his special area. He dropped his head back as he moaned your name, his legs quivering in pleasure.

You were just as turned on as he was at this point. The teasing and foreplay should really end now – it was driving both of you mad with desire as your lower body ached to feel him inside of you. The sight of his furrowed eyebrows and parted lips in reaction, his frustrated face at your pleasuring only made you want him to fill you more. You needed him now. And you needed him badly.

His eyes were closed to better enjoy the physical sensations, but when he felt your fingers pull at his boxers to come off, his eyes snapped open in surprise, seeing you rip your panties off after you had removed his underwear. At the sight of you half naked, knowing that your bra was loose under the your clothes, had his member aching for you. You didn’t give him much time to react before sunk your entrance into him. He groaned and dropped his head back as you rode him, satisfying your urges. He gripped the sheets and let you have free reign, grinding against him, and no sooner, bouncing your body up and down his manhood to take in his full length over and over again. Your hands pressed against his chest, feeling his racing heart beat. What if you could hear his heart? The way you know it ached for you, the way it beat for you… you wanted to hear it. You bent your body lower towards him as you moved against him. He wanted to feel you just as much as you wanted to hear him, so his hands moved quickly to strip you of your clothes completely. He took your breast into his mouth, sucking and licking at your center, massaging the other with his finger. It was he who felt the pounding of your heart so close to him. His free hand pressed against your clit continually to stimulate you further, leaving you panting heavily into the night air.

You knew he was nearing orgasm when you felt your wet breast meet the biting cool air since he could not concentrate on pleasuring you anymore and fell back against the pillows with his eyes clenched shut. His chest rose and fell, jagged breathes escaping his lips. With a few more thrusts from you, his body trembled as he came, calling out your name as he grasped the bed covers. You reached your climax soon after he did, letting your head fall back in ecstasy.

You were both wiped out by the end of such rigorous activity as his hands urged you to lay beside him. Panting evened out to normal breathing, your hearts beating together as one as your bodies pressed against each other in a warm embrace. He kissed the top of your forehead before you both fell into a deep, comfortable sleep.