I See You, I Know You (Optional Bias)

My fucking bias… I HATE YOU. You make me so kdajlfkjaflkjaf that I have to break with a random scenario that’s separate from the story right now. (Yes, this is NOT part of the holiday special or part of my general scenario plot.) Ugh… How can you do this to me?

Anyway, this scenario is in first person point of view. I don’t usually write like this either. I never realized how constricting it is to write scenario-style with all the “you’s” and “he’s.” But this one is more meaningful to me. Hope you enjoy it anyway though!

Rating: M-M+

The neon lights were flashing blinding colors all around, the bass thrumming loudly in the hearts of the hundreds of people grinding on the dance floor.

I sat at the bar counter, perched on a stool sipping away liquor, watching people indulge in their urges. This skin-tight black dress, sleek stilettos, long smooth hair, sparkling silver earrings that accented my body beckon for eager eyes to discover and linger.

And as I peeked my eyes behind me at a sudden sense of a warm gaze, I saw you. I saw your eyes… eyes burning with red hot desire as you scanned my exposed back up and down. Your built body begging to break through that tight white dress shirt of yours, leaning against the wall with a cocktail in one hand, had my mind running wild with all the things that that body could do to mine.

You watched me lick the droplet of liquid off of lips as I watched the way you swirled your glass, eying me as you drained the rest of the alcohol in a rush.

But what was the hurry?

There was no sense of time as we stared into the depths of each other’s minds. I could tell you wanted me as much as I desired you, to feel skin rubbing against skin in heat. With those dark eyes of yours seeping with hunger as you took in my curves, you had trouble taking your eyes away from me when your friends interrupted our moment together trying to engage you in conversation. You noted as I turned away, giggling to myself at how distracted you were of me. And as I took another swallow of the chilling alcohol, you took in my body. My smooth exposed thighs, the fullness of my breasts, the hourglass shape of my waist and hips. I could only imagine you biting your lips in desire, wanting to run your hands on every inch of me, to press my flesh against yours as our hearts would pound against each other.

Your friends eventually gave up since they saw that you were quite distracted. And you walked over with the confidence of an alpha, taking your time, eying me the whole walk, and I knew then that my little disguise tonight was well worth the hours of hard work. But with men like you, I know I can afford to play around a bit.

“Can I buy you a drink?” You sat down next to me, leaning an elbow on the counter, your thumb of your other hand hooked casually on the belt ring of your black pants.

I turned my face slightly towards you, allowing no hint that I had seen you earlier despite the obvious eye contact we had made. “Please.”

The bartender slid a glass towards me and I raised my glass towards you in thanks.

“May I request the name of the most stunning woman in this whole venue?”

“If you can please me by the end of the night, I’ll consider giving it to you.”

“And how…” you murmured huskily as you stood up and leaned towards my ears, “do you want me to do that for you?”

“Mm… I’ll let you discover this on your own.”

“In that case, I won’t let any time go to waste. Care to dance?” You offered your hand to me with a glint in your eyes, hinting at much fun to come, and so I took it without a moment’s hesitation.

It’s funny how fantasies can run through your mind and play out so similarly to how you imagine it all. You finally have your hands on my hips, with my body swaying in front of you, teasing you. You enjoyed the way my hands slid down your chest as the music beat louder around us. I knew it from the way that your jaw clenched tightly; I noticed from the way that you seemed like you had trouble swallowing.
Take the activities of the couples around us to influence what we do, you bad man. See them slither their hands along their torsos, the way that their legs overlap with each other, when he pulls her hair from covering her skin to nip at her neck, or the way that their lower bodies pressed each other in circular motions to the beat.

Take me. Do it.

You weren’t a bad man as I had thought you were. Careful, restrained… this was you, but the ropes restricting the beast inside you were beginning to come loose and all I wanted to do was to cut them all free so that you could take me the way I knew you wanted to.

I could see the way you looked down into my dress, my cleavage begging for your attention.
I know you want to touch me.

But being the respectful man that you were, you spun me around so that my back faced you instead to end the tempting. I wasn’t going to let this go; breaking you became my goal after that moment.

I heard you inhale a hiss when I brushed my bottom against your bulge. My intentions were quite corrupted, but your reaction was not enough to satisfy me, so I wrapped my hands around the back of your neck as I continued to rub my body against you. Let me see how long you could last with that.

It didn’t take much time before I felt something hard pressing into my lower back. Even if I hadn’t felt this, I knew your walls were crumbling down because of the way your hands were stroking all over me, from my hips, to my waist, quickly over my breasts, and straight down towards my thighs. Your hands caressed the inside of my thighs, slowly making their way up as if asking for permission to go further up to my secret place. As much as my womanhood ached to feel you inside of me, we were in the wrong place.

“Not here.”

“Come with me.” And you took my hand, guiding me through the crowd.

You had my panties off the moment you had me locked in your car. No one was around this area. It was dark, but the city lights below created an intimate backdrop to our heated exchange. Finally, I stroked your exposed chest, running my greedy hands over every muscle, every inch of your smooth skin as we kissed like there was no tomorrow. Your tongue worked wonders as skillfully as your delicious lips, having me gasping for air in no time.

You had the nerve to bite my lip as I stripped you, and traced your lips down my neck, sucking on me, leaving red marks all over my skin, claiming me. Your hands finally lost all inhibition when you indulged yourself by tugging my dress down, revealing my breasts, and taking one into your mouth and the other in your hand. I had to grip onto the car handle from above to keep myself from exploding from the way that your tongue and hands worked on me.

You only left this area to lift the bottom of my dress up to expose my womanhood to you, and rubbed your hand down into me, sinking your finger into me as your tongue plunged into my mouth.

“You’re already so wet.”

Wasn’t it enough to see me squirming in pleasure at feeling you inside of me? You weren’t pleased until you plunged another finger inside, searching for that sweet spot within me. Your fingers teased the warm wall inside of me, until I suddenly grabbed your hair. You knew you had found it. You didn’t seem like a sadistic type to me when we first met eyes, but when you continued to rub me there, my body writhed higher above the back car seat. The windows of the car were fogging up due to my heavy panting and the heat that radiated off of our bodies.

What gave you such a heartless idea to replace your fingers with your tongue and lips? How could you grip my thighs as you sunk your tongue into me the way that you did even when I was gasping for you to stop? It was my body that gave it away. My hands gripped your hair, urging your lips and tongue to move more. My hips bucked against your aggression, pushing you deeper into me, begging for more.

“Don’t stop.”

You hummed and the vibrations left me panting for relief. My body was readying for release and you knew it. Your mouth left me and your fingers plunged into me again, rubbing me one last time before I came onto your skilled hand. Without hesitation, your wet fingers went to your lips, your tongue licking yourself clean as you stared at me breathing heavily against the car seat with my legs parted.

You hardly gave me a chance to rest before devouring my lips. This wasn’t over. You wanted more. You had succeeded in pleasing me, but now you wanted something in return.

“Let me take you.” You sucked on my breasts again to tease my body ready for the real action. “I want to feel you writhing in pleasure underneath me as I pump my length in and out of you. I want to hear you scream for me. I want you to be mine and only mine tonight.”

You freed yourself from your top and I helped you unbuckle your belt and unzip your zipper, pulling your pants and Calvin Klein briefs down past your bottom, squeezing your flesh teasingly.

Oh, how my body had to stretch to let you fill me completely. So full, so satisfying, it was painful as it was something I wasn’t used to. You felt it too; I needed a second to allow our bodies to fit into each other. My arms wrapped tightly around you, my fingers digging into your toned back. You slowly rocked me back in forth with your pelvis and I gasped every time you did because of how damn good it felt to feel you inside of me.

No sooner did you have me screaming, gripping that car handle even tighter as you slammed in and out of me. I didn’t even need to tell you to move faster or harder. You just knew. Somehow, you just knew every pleasure point on my body, and knew every single way to work me til I was panting and completely wet. You even knew that it would feel better to lift my leg onto your shoulder to hit that special place inside of me again. I knew then, that without a doubt, you were a cruel lover that would drive your woman insane at your burning touch. You knew that the sound of your moan against my lips would drive me over the edge quicker. Your speed and force increased until you released inside of me, and I followed soon after.

You collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily. I let myself slide onto my back on the car seat, pulling your tired body with me so that we could lay together in rest. Your hands found their way up to my breasts, massaging me still. Your fingers brushed my hair off of my face, and your lips pressed onto mine. You pulled me into an tight embrace, pressing our naked skin against each other, letting me feel our hearts beating together in unison.

And as you breathed lightly against my forehead, you said to me,“Tell me your name because I want to be able to moan it loudly into your mouth when we make passionate love with each other again like this. Just like this. We’re meant to be together.”