The First Day of 2012, the Last Day in Paradise (Optional Bias)

I apologize this isn’t really… New Years-y. But HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! Consider this as more of a fluffy filler until we get to the good stuff in the next part… :)

This is a continuation of the Holiday Special, part 9. Find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here, and part 8 here.

Please listen to this song as you read my scenario. ^^  (10cm - It’s Snowing) This song conveys the mood of my scenario perfectly. Some of you may have noticed, this was the video I posted a few days ago. :)

Rating: Fluff

Today was it. This is the last day you’d spend this winter vacation with him here. You stared at him sleeping on his stomach, his arms tucked snuggly under his pillow. His back rose and fell in sync with the slow ticking clock across the room. You had pulled open the curtains for more light and returned, sitting on the bed watching him affectionately. You had already put on some comfortable clothes and washed up. How long would it take for him to wake up?


12:05pm and you were stroking his hair.

12:10pm and you were lying next to him in the same position as he was, giving him a kiss on his cheek and bare shoulder.

12:15pm and you were getting bored, so you poked his cute cheeks.

12:20pm, you were pinching them.

12:25pm, and you were rolling on top of his back to wake him.
Why is he so good at sleeping?

12:30pm, he had not moved an inch. Time to try a new approach. You flipped him over onto his back.

12:35pm and he still had not stirred.


“Oppa~” you said into his ear. “Oppa, wake up~”

His eyes winced a bit, but he turned his head away. You took this opportunity to sit on top of him and bounce the bed to wake him, calling his name louder and louder each time to wake him up.

Finally, he opened his eyes but immediately covered them with his hands again at the blinding light. “Waaaaaaae?”

“Happy new year, oppa!” Your hands supported your body up as you leaned in towards him, giving him a radiant smile.

His eyes widened. “Omo! It’s 2012! Jagi-yah!” He grabbed you into a tight hold, pulling you down onto the bed with him and rolling you onto your back with him on top. “Happy new year, jagi-yah! Saehae bok man-i badeuseyo!” He kissed you with a smile. A few seconds later, his lips started tracing your jaw-line and began shifting lower towards your neck. His hands also went under the covers down your thighs, but you bit his bottom lip a little harder than a nip.

“Aish! Wae?!”

“There’s no time for that oppa.”

“Why not?”

“We have to catch a flight, remember?”

“But we still have HOURS…”

“We haven’t even packed yet!” You sat up. “Or cleaned. We can’t leave the cabin like this. I don’t know if you’ve NOTICED, but we’ve made a mess of this house from our… activities.”

“Aish… Shiro.” He snuggled your stomach, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist.

“Yaish… up, oppa!” You tried prying his hands off of you, but he only held them around you tighter.

“No,” he answered in a cute tone.

“What am I going to do with a big baby like you…” You ruffled his hair.

“I don’t want to leave here… I like being here with you, snowed in with no one to interrupt us.” He sat up now too and cornered you against the headboard with his arms, changing his eyes from aegyo-style to dark and lusty. He wanted to do better things than to clean or pack; better things that would be more enjoyable done on this bed. “Here where we can have all sorts of fun…” he whispered as closed his eyes and let his lips move towards yours.

But you cupped his mouth to stop him from touching you.

“No time. We have work to do.” You gave him a little smile as he rolled his eyes and backed off.

But when you dropped your hand from his mouth, he quickly stole a kiss from you anyway and jumped off the bed, laughing as he ran to the bathroom to wash up.

“Yah!” You chased after him.

“Oppa! Why are you taking so long?”

Why was he being such a pabo now? You were outside in the freezing cold, waiting by the car for him to bring out your luggage, but he was taking his darn time doing so.

He was inside holding the duffel bag straps, about to lift them onto his shoulder, but he was caught deep in thought.
What did I promise to do?

“Oppa, what is going on?” You started to walk towards the cabin entrance to check on him.

I promised to meet her parents. It was my promise. Now I have to keep it. I can’t back out now… I’ve gotta step up and be a man. As he slung the bags around his shoulder and began to head out, he almost ran into you. “Omo! Mianhae, I didn’t see you.”

“Oppa, why are you taking so long with the stuff?”

“Oh, nothing. I’m bringing them out now.” His eyes were shifty and nervous. You could tell something was bothering him from the way he seemed to be avoiding your gaze.

“Oppa, what’s wrong?” you questioned soothingly, stepping in front of him to stop him from moving around you.

“It’s nothing.”

He tried to keep walking, but you stopped him again. “What are you so nervous about?”

He sighed. It was difficult for him to keep things from you. “Your parents.”

“But you’re the one who -”

“I know I did!” He interrupted. “I know I insisted that I meet them. But I mean, there’s a reason for that. It’s something I have to do.”

“What reason?”

“Umm… To uh, to get to know you better. I have to know what your parents are like so that I can see where you get your personality and traits from, you know? That’s the best way to get to know someone. To, yeah, to meet their parents.”

“…” You were not convinced.

“I just want to meet them, okay?” he spat out quickly.

“Okay… But be prepared to handle everything, okay? They’re probably going to… No, nevermind. I guess you’ll find out for yourself.”

“What? They’ll probably do what?” he questioned nervously.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.”

“Tell me!”

“If you can’t tell me why you really want to see my parents, then I’m not telling you anything.”


“Come on, oppa, my family is waiting on the other side of the world~” You picked up a bag and began to walk towards the door. He walked with you, still a nervous wreck at the impending challenge he was going to have to face soon.

You turned around to take one last good look at the cabin. You were going to miss this place. Who knows when you’d be visiting again? If ever at all. You both had made beautiful memories here that you’ll never forget. One last look. One last look before you both melt back into a normal life away from this wintery paradise.

“Flight to _________ now boarding.”

“Oppa, I really don’t understand why we needed to bring this along. We could have just finished it ourselves back at the cabin,” you said to him, raising the box with your cake in it as you both lined up to board the plane. When you had both cleaned the kitchen, he took out the cake from the fridge and placed it neatly in a box, wrapping it with a nice little ribbon and insisted that you take it to the airport.

“It’s for your parents. They should enjoy it. I’ll look like a perfect potential son-in-law who can cook!”

“Bake. You’d look like you know how to bake, oppa.”

“Well, I can show them I can cook too when I’m there…”

“Wait, did you just call yourself a son-in-law?”

“… Come on, we’re boarding now.” And before you could ask again, the flight attendant was asking for your boarding ticket.

“First class?!”

“I figured it’d be nice to travel in style.”

You stood on the plane aisle, gaping at the scene in front of you as he put the baggage away in the cabin. The first class plane area was something you had never seen before. He really went all out on this vacation providing you with the best.

He offered you the window seat and you sat down amazed.

It was going to be a long flight from Korea to your home.