First Plane Ride (Optional Bias)

Funtivities on the plane? Yes. Continuation of the Holiday special, part 10. Find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here, part 8 here, part 9 here.

Rating: M

The thrill felt when the aircraft lifted off the land and into the air was probably a good representation of how his heart felt at the moment. He watched you as you looked excitedly out the window at the pretty lights Korea had to offer down below.
Her parents. What would they be like?

The more he thought about it, the more distressed he became. Knowing you and how wonderful you were, he could assume that your parents probably weren’t so different.
But what if they don’t like me?

Your parents knew nothing about K-Pop. All they knew was that you would be bringing home a Korean guy who was supposedly famous in South Korea for singing and dancing. They could really care less. All they wanted to know was that he was a good man and that he made enough money. He had these traits, so that’s why they had only agreed to meet him, but unfortunately, his fame would do little to win your parents’ favor.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” you asked him with a puzzled expression.

“Huh? Oh, nothing.” He hadn’t realized he was staring.

“Relax. It’ll be okay,” you cooed, giving his thigh a little rub for comfort.

Comfort. Yes, very comfortable.

That little movement right there was all it took for him to realize something.

A certain type of distraction was all he really needed to get his mind off of such stress.

“Would you like a blanket, sir?” The flight attendants were beginning their services as soon as the plane leveled out.

“Oh, sure, thank you.”
Damn. We’re on a frikkin plane. He looked at you, you who was sitting all innocent beside the window looking back all confused at his frustrated face.

He tried not to think of it. Perhaps an hour or two had passed. The little TV was running and kept his mind off of you. But suddenly, he felt your head fall onto his shoulder. He looked down to see that you had fallen asleep.

You looked so peaceful as you slept, angelic in his eyes. But then he noticed the glistening droplet left from the cup of water you drank from a few minutes ago. His finger gently stroked it off of your lips, but since you were in a light sleep, you felt it and your lips automatically smacked a few times in response. You continued to sleep, however.


His breathing tickled your face since he was so close. He slid his finger across your lower lips to see how you would react, and your lips parted. Oh, the things you did to him. Even with your eyes closed, you still managed to seduce him. Your parted lips were an invitation for him. Those lips… Those precious lips that have touched him all over his body those nights, from his lips to his special place. Everywhere…those light sensations on his skin… His face began to flush red at the memories, so he dropped his hand and turned away from you and back to the TV so he wouldn’t get carried away.

In your sleep, you immediately snuggled closer to him. He clenched his eyes shut and slammed his head back on the plane seat.
Why is she doing this to me?

In about ten minutes or so, you woke up from your nap to see your boyfriend sitting with his face in his hand facing away from you. “Oppa, what’s wrong?” You tugged at his sleeve to get his attention.

“Hn?” He snapped up. “Oh, you’re awake.”

“Why were you sitting like that? Oh, was it my fault?! I’m sorry! I fell asleep on you…”

“No, that’s not the problem…”

“What is then?”


Me? So all you could do was stare back at his intense eyes, wondering what you had done to upset him.
He suddenly pulled your chin towards him with a finger and kissed you. It felt restrained, like he was holding back, but you could feel his hunger. He wanted you. The way his tongue begged yours to move with his was almost desperate. His hand on your chin slid down your body and onto your thigh, roaming back up on your inner thigh. You knew what he wanted. As much as you wanted him too, you were both still in a public place. “We can’t do this here,” you whispered.

“I… I know. I’m sorry.” He stopped and straightened himself back in his seat.

Now that he gave you this teaser, it just didn’t feel right to let the moment slip away like this. You were both going to your parents’ home, so when will the next little play time be?

You saw the neighboring couple sleeping in the seats next yours, the flight attendants in their cabins, everyone snoozing, and you noticed the curve of the seats that covered you both just right. Safe enough.

He sat stiff as a log next to you, his eyes looking but not taking in the images playing on the screen in front of him.

“_____-ah,” you called quietly. He looked over at you. “Touch me.”

He stared at you with wide eyes. You opened the blanket the attendant had given you earlier and covered it over yourselves. He pushed you closer towards the window so that you both leaned away from the aisle. To appear as if you were both just simply resting, you both closed your eyes, and you huddled closer into his chest. You could feel his heart pounding eagerly underneath his dress shirt. He had one arm around you, the other under the thin sheet, making its way to your inner thighs.

He skillfully unbuttoned your jeans and slipped his hand inside, stroking you back and forth, slowly and carefully at first. Your breathing increased as he slipped his fingers further down, curving them up, sinking them slowly into you with ever stroke. When he slipped a finger inside, you bit your lip to hold back a gasp and buried your face into his chest even more. His cheek rested against your forehead to comfort you, to let you know that he was there even though he couldn’t kiss you or else you both would be discovered.

He rubbed your inner walls and knew he had found that special place inside of you when he felt your whole body tense up at the pleasurable sensation. You stifled a moan against his shirt. He sunk another finger into you and when he stimulated that area with his forefinger and middle finger, hooking them to caress that one spot over and over, your hand under the blanket tightened on his thigh, nearly clawing at his flesh under his pants. It hurt him, but he knew your action was a sign that he was doing a good job with your body. Besides, his sexual frustation was hurting him far more.

The walls of your lower body began to tighten and loosen around his fingers and he knew you were close to orgasm, as if your heavy, hot panting against his chest was not an obvious indication already. However, he could tell you were trying to hold back.

He whispered into your ear, “Cum for me.”

And that was all it took for you to release all of your frustration. He smirked as he pulled his hand out of the sheet and got up. He murmured into your ear, “We’re not done yet. Meet me in the lavatory in exactly one minute.” He left and you followed a minute after fixing up your pants and regaining your composure.

It felt dangerous. Everyone was asleep, but it still felt dangerous to be doing this. You both wanted it though. Your boyfriend has a way with teasing your body into wanting more, even after satisfying sessions.

You gave a little knock on the door of the closest lavatory, and he pulled you in immediately, not allowing anyone to notice that you went in, before locking it shut with a click.


He gave you no time to take anything in, but you could feel how cramped it was inside. He tasted you hungrily, pushing your body against the sink, his hands running from your bottom, to your backside, up your shirt and into your bra. His force against your lower body only seemed to increase as his hands kneaded your breasts, pushing your lingerie and shirt over your them, before taking your breast into his mouth, sliding his tongue across your skin in circular motions. He sucked on you, but his lips never lingered long in one place with his impatience.

“I’m done controlling myself. I want you now, jagi-yah.” He quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants before undoing your jeans once again. “I don’t care if we’re on a plane, on a train, in a boat, in a car, I want you. I want you NOW.” He pulled your pants and underwear off (placing it on the table for you as a cover of the table) and picked you up to sit you on the sink before his lips captured yours again. He didn’t give you a warning before plunging his member into you, so your nails dug into his back. His hands pressed into your lower back, giving him more control of his thrusts into you. His movements were urgent, needy, as he worked off hours of pent up frustration on you.

He panted against your neck and shoulder. The movements were so strong that you had trouble with keeping noises from escaping your throat. “You’re going… to have to be…. ungh… more quiet, jagi-yah, if you don’t want to be… caught.” Your grip on his back and your legs around his hips tightened and you bit into his neck. He hissed at the pain, but kept pumping in and out of you, increasing his speed and pressure with every thrust.

With one final push, he released himself and sighed against your neck, taking a moment to breathe before pulling out of you.

He rested his forehead against yours, his eyes half opened. “Airplane sex. Not bad for a first experience.” He smiled his brilliant smile at you from a job well done.

“…I can’t believe that just happened.”

“Oh, it did. And I have a feeling this will be happening more than once in the future, jagi…” He kissed your cheek and pulled you off of the sink.

You both dressed up again, cleaned yourselves, and luckily escaped the lavatory area without being noticed by anyone. All of this did not last too long, but the effects of the physical activity were beginning to take a toll.The two of you were so exhausted that you both slept the rest of the ride to your home country.

You anticipated the exciting adventure that is to come with you, your parents, and your boyfriend~