Meet My Parents, Oppa! (Optional Bias)

Continuation of the Holiday special, part 11. Find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here, part 8 here, part 9 here, and part 10.

Well, for simplicity, your parents live in an apartment. Your mom’s the really caring, accepting type, your dad’s a stoic man with a temper sometimes, and Mr. Bias still lacks fluency in English. LOL ENJOY THE AWKWARDNESS TO COME… <3

Rating: Fluff

This is it.


You asked for it, pabo.

You were holding his hand in the backseat of the taxi, passing the familiar streets in your neighborhood. He was clearly nervous with the way he shifted his gaze in every direction as soon as you mentioned to him that you recognized your surroundings again.

As anyone would be, he was extremely worried about making a good first impression to your parents, but he knew that this was something he had to face.
I love her. This has to happen. He looked at how excited you were as you were practically bouncing out of your seat in happiness at finally being able to see your parents.

What ought he expect from YOUR parents?

Seeing how kind you were, he imagined that they would be quite hospitable and hopefully give you the same amount of acceptance that you did. Since you loved Kpop, he hoped that they were open to other cultures or pop culture. Even though your parents weren’t too aware of kpop culture, they would at least be accept it. And they probably love food, right? With the way you ate, certainly you came from a household that fed you well.
Hopefully my cooking will win their approval. He looked at his arms. Muscles. I have a good, strong body. They’ll appreciate a man who can protect their daughter. And if all else fails, I suppose I can always sing and dance to win them over. A man who can play piano is classy and educated in the arts. A man with a good body is one who understands good health. A man who keeps a clean image is a man who knows how to present himself. He laughed at himself mentally at all the ideal traits he possessed and his mind eased a bit with a renewed sense of confidence in himself.

As soon as the taxi arrived at your home, you immediately sprang out with your bag. HOME. You were finally HOME. As you rushed out of the car, your boyfriend went to the trunk to gather your things.

“MOM!!! DAD!!!” He heard you exclaim.

With a suitcase in hand and a duffel bag hanging from his shoulder, he stood where he was as the car drove away. There in front of your home, you were embracing your mother tightly, rocking back and forth. Your father stood next to you, smiling quietly to himself as he was never the type to really show physical affection. It had been months since you last saw them.

“Oh, our baby is back! You’re finally home! Have you been well? Have you been eating enough? Why do you look skinnier?! Have you been getting enough sleep? Are those bags under your eyes?!”


So that’s what her mother sounds like. He could tell where your ability to love came from already. Her voice was so loving and caring – it echoed your tone whenever you talked to him. Whenever you asked everyday things like “Have you eaten?” or “How was your day?” or “Welcome home, oppa!” sounded just like the way your mom’s voice sounded upon seeing you. Even though he was watching from afar, he could tell, he already liked her.

Father. Father was a different story… After watching you with tender eyes, his gaze turned to your boyfriend who stood awkwardly a little distance away. Your boyfriend wasn’t sure what to do, so he did the minimum and bowed to your father for respect and greeting. Your father’s stare became more like a glare right after, which confused your boyfriend, so he looked away nervously.

“Is that him?” your mom whispered excitedly, peering over at him who was now looking this way and that to avoid your father’s eyes.

“Oppa!” His head snapped up in response. “Come over!” He moved quickly to where you and your parents were, nearly tripping over nothing in his little hurry with all the luggage.

“How are you? Nice to meet you,” he greeted them firmly. He offered his hand to your father first. “My name is _______.”

“I thought your name was ‘oppa.’ Didn’t my daughter just call you that?” Your father still hadn’t offered his hand out, so your boyfriend instantly dropped his hand and somewhat hid it behind his back in embarrassment.
Maybe I did it wrong.

“No, dad, ‘oppa’ is like ‘older brother.’ In Korea, it’s just what girls would call older males who are close to them.”

“Brother?! Since when did you ever have another sibling?! I don’t-”

“Honey, please.” Your mom nudged your father’s crossed arms. “The boy’s hand. Just take it,” your mother urged through her gritted teeth as she smiled at your boyfriend who looked confused at the exchange. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you looked at it), his English skills were still a bit lacking. You had taught him the basics on top of the knowledge he had picked up before meeting you, but his comprehension level was only so high.

Your father grunted, but took your boyfriend’s hand that shot back up after he realized your father had decided to accept his greeting after all. Your dad gripped his hand tighter than at normal level, looking at him in the eyes as he did so. “_____, was it?”

He winced a bit at the unexpected aggression of the handshake, but tried his best to hide it so he would not seem like a wimp. In response, he squeezed your father’s hand just as hard to prove that he was a man too. “Yes.” Their hands were becoming red at first and eventually their knuckles turned white from the pressure. “And I call you ‘father,’ okay?” (as if he were asking if it was alright to address him this way)


“Okayyyyyyyyyyyy, Dad! Let’s go inside now~ I’m starving for some dinner!” You broke their grip and turned your father around, pushing his back forward inside to the apartment lobby.

“Stop that, you don’t have to push me. I know how to walk up to my own home.” You both climbed up the stairs ahead of your mom and boyfriend. Your dad could get a little hot-headed sometimes, but all he needed was a little bit of cooling time away from whatever upsets him to put him back to normal.

“Dinner’s waiting upstairs!” your mom announced excitedly. She ushered your boyfriend inside with a gentle hand behind his back. “I hope you’re an eater, __________.”

“Yes, I like food.” They exchanged smiles as they followed you and your father up the stairs to your home for quite an exciting dinner to come.