Dance for You, Ma Boy (Optional Bias)

Thought you guys might want a break from the holiday scenario… I know I did. Lol This scenario is in answer to the requests: “When you dance sexily for him and it turns dirty,” “he invites you over to dance practice and when he finishes you two have some fun,” and “Dance to Ma boy and seduce him.” :)

Rating: M-M+

The room pounded with the heavy beat of the music that your boyfriend and band members danced to. Under the warm yellow light, their sneakers squeaked against the hardwood floor as they glided across it with perfection. You sat in a chair beside one of the walls of the room with the band’s support crew, facing their backsides and the mirror, watching their little private performance with admiration.

Your boyfriend had invited you over to watch since they were nearly ready with the dance and he wanted you to be one of the first to see it. It was a day of grueling hard work for him, but upon seeing your reflection in the mirror as you walked into the room as he danced, his energy level rose as he felt the strong need to impress you. So as he danced to this new song along with his band members, he looked extra badass and sexy just for you as he did hip thrusts and turns.

The manager clapped his hands to signal the end of the dance practice, and the boys sighed with relief as they began to slump away to retrieve their belongings before heading out. They waved hello and smiled at you in acknowledgement.

Your boyfriend made eye contact with you and smiled at you before walking to the corner with his belongings, picking up a water bottle to quench his thirst. “You’re not leaving yet?” one of the other members called out to him.

“Nah, you guys go on ahead. I’m coming back to the dorm later!” he answered. They acknowledged his answer with a few nods before they emptied the dance hall, leaving the two of you alone in the quiet room. You walked over to him and placed your hands on his hips as he consumed his water.

He didn’t expect the physical contact however, and he pulled the bottle away only to let some liquid slide down his chin. He wore a white tank top and a loose pair of light grey sweatpants. His forehead, backside, chest, and neck was drenched in sweat. The water falling down from the corner of his lips down his neck begged your eyes to follow its path to his collarbone and then down to his toned, slick chest.

“Sexy, huh?” You broke from your little daze. He laughed at your expression and kissed you with his wet lips, pulling you towards him with one hand behind the small of your back, the bottle in the other. “I’ve missed you. Did you enjoy the dancing?”

It was difficult to reply with him brushing his lips sensually against yours, his sparkling eyes meeting yours with amusement and the corners of his mouth curling up into a crooked smile. “Very much,” you breathed.

“Then I think it should be your turn.” He took a chair and placed it in the middle of the room and walked over to the stereo.

Let’s go.
S-I-S-T-A-R, Sistar…”

Oh no…

“I know you can dance to this jagi-yah. I’ve seen you practicing in your room sometimes,” he said smugly as he stood beside the music player.

Baby stop breaking my heart (Oh no)”

“When did you-”

“I’m not telling you~”

You heard me? No more next time!
I hope you got that boy”

“Dance for me. Or I’m not going to touch you the rest of the day.”

You pouted, but walked to the chair, stripping your outter wear so that you were in a tank top and sat down just as the singing began.

“Hey girls, it’s gonna be alright
Hey boys, better make it right
Hey girls, we got ya back “

You rocked your shoulders, as you moved your arms back in forth, squeezing your breasts together as you gave him the most innocently seductive look from afar.

You said you knew even if I said nothing
You know my heart somehow, right?
So I believed, I was patient, and I waited”

He watched you with an playful smirk as you shifted in your seat into different seductive positions, being sure that your legs were always tightly kept together teasingly (luckily you wore shorter shorts today), and your chest prominent.

You said you wouldn’t leave me by myself
You promised, pinky-swore
So why are you lying again?”

You got up, gliding your hand across the top of the chair as you walked around it and placed your foot on top before swinging your other leg around, flipping your hair back to give him sexy glance. He swore under his breath at the way the dance move called attention to your butt, hidden from view by your jean shorts. This move alone instantly made him hard, tempting him to run to you and push you up against a wall.

“Is it that hard to say “I love you”?
It’s just one phrase”

Your hips swayed in circles as your fingers twirled provokingly in front of your hips. Your fingers moved especially slow just to earn a little lip-bite from him as he watched you lustfully.

“The more I like you, the more I’m hurt
(Why you trippin’ boy?)
Look at me

The part of the dance that had his stomach in a knot in wait for, finally came. You did the famous “Ma Boy” body rolls with ease and fluidity that stunned him on the spot.

“Oh ma boy, oh ma boy, baby
You don’t know love, my heart hurts”

And as soon as you started, you stopped the ever so pleasing movements. Even though he knew how the song and dance went, it took him a second to realize it. He was entranced with the way your body moved. His body ached to know how it would feel for you to do that against him, to feel that lower body of yours pressing against his on and off, to feel your breasts pushed up against him.

Before the next phrase of the chorus hit, he was behind you, holding your hips with his hands, his lower body pressed against yours.

Oh ma boy, oh ma boy, baby”

Your bodies rolled with each other, his bulge pressing into your jeans, his breathing beside your ear. To your surprise, however, he brushed your hair onto one side and poured the rest of his water from the bottle onto your body, causing you to shiver against the the cool caress of the liquid flowing down your body. Your tank top stuck to your skin, and you rubbed the moisture on your chest and collarbone, causing him to harden further at the sight of you touching yourself.

“There’s no way you know how I feel
Don’t let me down boy ”

With the next line in the song, you jumped away from him and he was once again stunned at the loss.

“I’m going crazy because of you
Why ya try ‘n play games with me?”

But no sooner did the dance allow you to bend forward and let your butt move in circular motions. He grabbed your hips again, pulling you into him more. He groaned at the feel of his member touching the space between your legs with the annoying clothing in between.

He knew the next line in the song would mean you would have move away again, so before you could take another step forward, he held you back with his arms around you, one under your arm to your neck, the other touching the opposite hip. Forget the song – he was doing things his way.

The hand on your neck slid down into your tank top and bra from above, the other hand, pulling your top up, letting the skin on your waist meet the cool air. The hand inside massaged your breast, teasing your peak as the fingers of his other hand shifted towards the button and zipper of your shorts, undoing them both. He ran his hands from the bottom up the insides of your thighs, tugging the material upwards to reveal even more of the skin on your legs, as his hot tongue trailed from your jawline to your shoulder.

One hand traveled up your tank top and stimulated the other breast, while the other slipped into your pants, rubbing you as you swayed your body against his to the music. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he sucked on your skin, leaving little red marks. Despite how tight your jeans were, he sunk a finger inside of you, earning a gasp from your lips. As his finger stroked your inner wall, you threw your head back into his chest. When he slipped another finger inside of you, your body moved to the beat of his working hand as he thrust his fingers in and out of you.

Oh ma boy, oh ma boy, baby”

As soon as the last chorus hit, as he touched you, you both body rolled. His fingers still continued to rub you, his other hand running down from your chest slowly down your stomach as you moved.

You wanted him inside of you. His fingers could only do so much. The bulge pressing behind you needed to be tended to. You pulled his face towards yours and smashed your lips against his, letting your tongue entice him. As soon as he was distracted, you turned body around to face him and pushed his chest down. “On the floor.”

He enjoyed the aggression, but right now, he was too frustrated to let you have all the fun. He had you on your stomach against the hardwood floor. His hands stroked your sides from right under your arm past the sides of your breasts to your hips. However, you could only handle so much teasing from him.

“I want you inside of me, NOW.”

He pulled you up by the waist onto your knees and hands before tugging your jeans half way down your thigh, revealing the skin he had ached to see earlier. He caressed in between your tight thighs to see if your body was ready enough for him, but your vulnerable position and his sudden touch startled you, causing your womanhood to clench against his touch. This aroused him further, and he quickly pulled down his pants as he was on his knees before plunging his hard member into you.

You screamed his name as he gripped your hips and thrust into you continually. With every hit, he pressed into you deeper, harder, faster. You could see the way his body moved against yours from the mirror in front of you. His nose wrinkled, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth parted as he panted heavily. His length had filled you completely, finding that special place within you, causing you to moan his name with uneven breathes. You reached your climax first, your inner walls pulsating against him as he thrust into you before experiencing his own release with a groan.

He pulled out of you, tugging his sweatpants back up. He collapsed onto the floor as you laid beside him fixing your pants as you both caught your breathes.

After his breathing became a little more even, he pulled you on top of him and breathed, “Don’t ever dance ‘Ma Boy’ in front of me again unless you want that to happen, jagi-yah.”