"I Love Her!" (Optional Bias)

A special heart to heart moment with father and bias!

This is a continuation of the Holiday special, part 14.  Find
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Rating: Fluff

Finally back, huh?” your father asked from the couch as you and your boyfriend walked into the apartment.

“Finally calm, huh?” you answered. Your father just grumbled in response.

“Come here, ______. I want to talk to you, man to man,” your father called out to him. Your boyfriend’s eyes widened with shock. With one last anxious look at you, he walked hesitantly to your father who folded his newspaper and slapped it onto the table before getting up. “Let’s chat in my study.” You watched as he lead your boyfriend down the hall into his study room, clicking the door shut on your worried gaze.

“I apologize for any… unsavory behavior I might have displayed yesterday night.” He sat down at his wooden desk and lounge chair, gesturing for your boyfriend to take a seat across from him. “I don’t usually get out of hand like that. I usually don’t drink that much.”

“It’s fine. I’m sorry I acted like a fool.”

“Right, well you should be.”


“So you’re my daughter’s…” your father flinched at the thought, “boyfriend.”


“Well, let me be quite frank, I don’t trust you.” Your boyfriend squirmed in his seat, unsure how to respond. “Do you think you can treat her right with all that traveling you do with your little boy band? Don’t you think she gets lonely? While she struggles to make a living in a foreign country, you go off singing and dancing, lavishing in a life of fame.” Your father pointed a finger at him. “My question is, why you’re with my little girl! There are plenty of stick-skinny, cutesy girls in your industry in Korea! I did my research. Don’t think I don’t know.”

“Your daughter is most beautiful in all of Korea.”

Father just looked at him with a derpy, that’s-really-original sarcastic look. “Right.”

“You don’t believe me?”

“Why don’t you explain it to me? Because I don’t get it with a kid like you.”

Your boyfriend thought for a moment, trying to come up with ways to word everything right in English.

The truth was, he had trouble forming his thoughts even in Korean! There were things he kept secret from you… On the mornings in which he would wake up before you do, he would turn to face you and stroke your cheek as you sleep soundly. He would watch the rise and fall of your chest and keep his face close to yours to feel the soft wisps of your breathing on his skin. Sometimes if he knew you were sleeping deeply enough, he would place his ear next your chest and listen to your steady heartbeat like a lulluby.
She’s alive, he would think to himself. In those little private moments he had of you, little secrets that he’s kept to himself, he always remembers how much your existence really means to him. You meant everything to him.

There was so much to express, but so little in his English vocabulary to tell your father.

To your dad, he just looked like he had no answer as he sat there looking at the air.

“Why my girl?” he demanded. Your boyfriend broke out from his train of thought. “It doesn’t make any sense to me… so don’t think I don’t know what young boys like you are after.”

“I don’t understand.”

“There’s only one thing young boys like you want from girls. I’m not too old not to know this.”

“I still not… understand.”

“Don’t make me spell it out for you!”

“Please, spell.”

“You being cheeky with me?” Your father’s blood pressure began rising again. When your boyfriend pointed to his cheek in confusion, Father calmed down a bit after remembering the boy’s English was not that strong. It was better than he had originally thought, so it always surprised him when your boyfriend looked confused. “What are your intentions towards my daughter?” He looked at the boy with squinted eyes, leaning close like an interrogator.


“Are you just trying to get into her pants? Because if you are, you’re getting thrown out of this house right now.”

“No, her pants are her pants.”



Father rubbed his temple. “Do you just want to have sex with her? Are you trying to take her virginity away?!”

THIS, your boyfriend understood.

“Sorry?” he asked innocently.

“Goddamn,” your father grumbled, ruffling his hair.

Do you love her?!”


Father leaned back into his seat, finally relieved that he got an answer. “You’re going to have to prove it to me, because you still look like a girly hipster boy with your overly tight pants and Beiber hair.”

“Oh, you know Justin Beiber, too? I like him too.”

“That wasn’t a compliment,” he mumbled. “You’re… going…to …. have … to … show … me … how … much … you … love … her.” He emphasized every single word to make sure the oblivious boy sitting across from him would understand.


“That’s your job to figure out.”

“She knows I love her very much.”

“Well I don’t know that. You’re going to have to show me, too.”

“You want me… show you I love you, too…?” your boyfriend asked with a puzzled look.

“Noooooo! Where did you- What!” Your boyfriend’s eyes widened in shock at your father’s flinging arms. “No, you – No… You have to… I… Well – Well, I guess… yes. Yes, if you want to think about it that way…”

“Um… Would you like me sing Justin Bieber song for you?”

“Why would you ever -”

“You say I should… show you I love you, too.”


Your father sighed.

An awkward silence ensued. Your boyfriend rested his hands on his thighs, staring at the floor as your father rubbed his closed eyes. The boy’s heart rate began to pick up speed, his hands beginning to lose its strength. He shut his eyes once to ready himself mentally for what he was about to say.

“… Father,” your boyfriend finally broke the silence.

“I’m not your father - ,” he automatically snapped.

“I want to marry your daughter.”

“WHAT?” Your father nearly jumped out of his chair.

“I love her.”

“You -”

“I want to marry her. But I want to ask you first.” He bowed, his gaze kept down in respect.

“The answer is no.”

He snapped his head up in response. “Why?” he pleaded.

“Not until you prove yourself to me first.”

“You mean… until you love me, yes?”

“What-! Why do you-” He sighed , giving up trying to explain what he really means. “By all means…” Your father was exhausted. He couldn’t even look at the person in front of him anymore.

This is it. This is what he was here for. If winning your father’s approval meant singing English songs, getting your father to fall in love with him, or anything else, he would do it.

“I will show you.” Your boyfriend looked at your father’s face with a burning determination. “Nan… geunyeoleul saranghae (I love her).”