The Nightmare Resurfaces (Optional Bias)

This is a continuation of the Holiday special, part 15.  See part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11 , part 12, part 13 , and part 14.

This scenario covers the requests: “When he finds promise rings in your jewelry box and gets jealous” and “when he comforts you from a nightmare.”

Rating: Fluff-


Pictures, clothes scattered in random places, little trinkets and decorations, the computer where you probably spazzed over kpop before going to Korea and met him… so much to look at in your little bedroom.

You had gone to speak with your parents, and he was hanging out in your room on his own in PJs. To his surprise, time had gone by rather quickly and uneventfully since the last talk he had with your father. Lately he’s just been contemplating how he would win your father’s approval to be with you.

For now though, as he was in your room, his curiosity of your childhood and past interested him more. He stood over your desk and let his gaze roam the surface of all your belongings. There was so much of your life he had missed, had not been a part of. As he flipped through the picture albums of photos of you with all your friends in your home country, he felt a pang of jealousy in his chest.

“Why hadn’t I met you sooner?” He whispered.

Inside of a photo album that was hidden in a dark corner of your shelf, there was a section in the back of it that contained pictures solely of you and a boy. Pictures of you with your arms around the boy, sharing kisses, random selcas, you looking very happy with grins from ear to ear. Your boyfriend hadn’t noticed right away, for his jealousy was bubbling and building with every picture that he saw, but your smiles began to fade at some point. Pictures disappeared all together with pages and pages of empty sheets that looked as though photos had been ripped out. But he didn’t really notice anything wrong.
Who is this punk? was all your boyfriend could think about.

With a sense of frustration, he shoved the album sloppily onto the shelf, and continued exploring your bedroom. An intricately decorated little box sitting on the top of your desk caught his eye and he picked up the lid to find it was full of rings. Plastic children’s rings, mature silver ones, one gold ring that seemed to stand out from all the others had fallen out last… He smiled in amusement as he lowered the lid back, but he was a little too careless and accidentally spilled the contents all over your desk. “Aish…”

You came into the room at the sound. “Oppa, what happened?”

“Ah, mianhae… I accidentally…”

When your eyes landed on the mess, you practically ran to your desk, scooped all of the rings up into your hands and dropped them back into the box before finally tossing all of it into your desk drawer in haste.

“Sorry.” He felt guilty; your reaction to someone going through a jewelry box was a lot more dramatic than he had expected.

“No, it’s okay. They were just… rings from my ex.”

“Your ex?”


“You’ve never told me about any of your exes.”

“Um…” you fidgeted in place.

“How many boyfriends have you had before me?”

“Just one.”

“He still matters to you?” He looked away from you and played around mindlessly with the pen on your desk. “If you still put them away in that box like that and freak out if I touch them… You must still care a lot about them.”

“I – what? No, it’s not like that.”

He pouted. “I thought I was the only one.”

You walked over to him and held his cheeks to make him look at you. “You are the only one.”

“Good.” He kissed your nose. “I don’t think I can stand the thought of you in the arms of another man.” He pulled you into him for a warm hug.

“LIGHTS OUT, KIDDOS,” your father bellowed from the living room. “________, that means different bedrooms! You know the routine.”

“Your father really likes me,” your boyfriend said to you.

“Oh really?”

“Mmhm. Can’t tell?” He breathed a laugh before kissing your cheek good night and closed the door behind him.

After the door had clicked shut, you approached your desk drawer slowly.

You thought you had forgotten all about the past.

But you hadn’t.

Had that little gold, disgusting metallic thing stayed hidden away from you tonight, just a little longer out of view until you’ve left your parents’ house, maybe you could have gotten away from the memories that you had tried so hard to suppress all these years.

You walked over your shelf and found something was a bit out of place. A photo album… one that you hadn’t touched in years. Without control, your hands opened it, and a rush of emotions overtook your body.

You threw the album into the trash can and climbed into bed, clenching your eyes shut.

What your boyfriend didn’t realize that night was that he had not just opened a box full of rings or an album full of photos, but a container and collection of sharp, broken shards of past pain.

I love you

Who do you think you are, slut?

Red. Black. Pain. Mental pain. Why are you yelling at me like this?

You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.

You think any man, other than me, would want you?

A threateningly tight grip on your arms. Shaking. Physical pain. Your hair being pulled.

I’ll always listen to what you have to say.

Shut up.

Your cheek being hit.

Don’t let those tears ruin your pretty face.

Hide those bruises or else you’ll get worse than that.

You want to cover your face and hope that when you see him again that he’ll go back to normal. But every time you try, it’s as if a demon has possessed him. This man was someone you had tried to forget. But how could you forget those cold eyes? Those cold eyes you had once seen love swirling among the surface of… now a monster who beat you. You stood in a dark abyss naked and afraid as whips and clubs battered your exposed body. No matter how much you wanted to scream, not a sound made it through your throat. All you could hear was the voice that you once knew, whispering to you.

Don’t leave me.

You can’t leave me.

I won’t let you go.

He called your name. Go away!

Someone was calling your name. The sound seemed to get louder and louder, and your eyes snapped open.

“_____-ah!” When your eyes could make out that there was a dark figure sitting on your bed, hovered over you, you quickly sat up. You were about to scream, but he covered your mouth to prevent you from doing so. “_______-ah, it’s me! Shhhhhh. Oppa. Oppa is here. Shhhhhh…”

Tears flooded out of your eyes, and you covered your face as you sobbed in fear, in relief.

Your boyfriend gasped and immediately pulled you into his chest, petting your hair, and rubbing your back to try and comfort you.

An embrace. No, a cage.

You pushed him away abruptly. “Stay away from me!”

You had NEVER pushed him away before. He could only stare at you with a dumbfounded expression, his arms still in the air.

That’s when he noticed how crazy your eyes looked. Not only were they blood-red from crying, but the way in which you looked at him scared him.
She’s staring at me like I’m going to strangle her. Her gaze tells me she knows me, but like she’s deathly afraid of me. “________-ah,” he called gently.

“Go away.”

“_____-ah, it’s me. Don’t be afraid.” He reached his hands out to you to try and loosen your grip of the blankets that covered you from your mouth down.

“Stop it! Go away!” You turned away and hid from him.

“________-ah. Look at me.” He climbed onto the bed further so that he could be closer to you. “________-ah…” He gently forced your arms down, and held your cheeks so that you would look at him. Your hands gripped his wrists, trying to pull him away. “Look at me…”

“No, let go of me!”

“Look at me… please,” he begged. The pain on your face was breaking his heart to pieces.

Please”… That was something he never said. You looked at the person in front of you. This face was gentle, scared to death just as much as you were but for different reasons. His hands were careful, strong, but not aggressive.

“Do you recognize me…?” He whispered.

The tension you held diffused at the realization of who was in front of you. “Oppa…”

He looked nearly ready to cry as he pulled you into a tight hug. “Don’t worry me like that!”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry. I probably startled you. I shouldn’t have come into your room like this so late.”

“No, I’m really glad that you did.” You wrapped your arms around his waist tighter.

“What did you dream about?” He murmured against your shoulder. “I’ve never seen you like this before…”

“Nothing. It was nothing.”

“It’s okay….” You sniffled. “Shhhh… Sleep it off, ou?” He urged you to loosen your grip and lay down, but you only held on tighter. “Wae…?”

“Don’t leave me.”

“I won’t.” You both laid down and he pulled the covers over the both of you. “I’ll be right here.” He kissed your forehead and let your head rest on his arm, his other hand brushing your hair away from your face. “Sleep well, jagi-yah. I’ll be here to protect you.” And you fell into a deep, quiet sleep for the rest of the night listening to calming beating of his heart.