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I don’t have a name for the Ex, so I just called him “X.” The truth is, I don’t really understand the psychology of abusive people, so I think my description and dialogue that X says may be a bit off. Please forgive me if it may seem offensive… Please keep in mind that this 100% fictional though.

Rating: M for violence

He didn’t look any different than he did years ago. He still had that seductive crooked smile that curved up on right corner of his lips, those dark eyes that you could never understand, that stance that he held like he owned every single thing within a mile of him. He still looked like a dark prince, a man who you could not help but feel drawn to, yet all the while, you know that he could draw a knife and point it towards your chest any time he may wish.

As you stared into his eyes from across the room, the familiar atmosphere he gave you engulfed you in a black cloud, blinding you to your reality. It was this thick air, this stifling feeling that you remember surrounded him. This man who stood only a few feet away from you, holding your gaze like a trap, was the embodiment of all the pained memories you had tried to suppress. He was like a ticking bomb, an sensitive entity that could explode any minute with any wrong step, any wrong move.

Although many who knew you could see nothing good about him the moment they discovered the visible and invisible bruises, it was wrong to think that there isn’t two sides to every story. He was made out to be a monster, and it’s true that if you had been a third party, you probably would have felt the exact same way.

You remember the smiles, the laughs, the innocent days of cuddling and holding hands… Of longing, protective hugs… Of the places you both used to frequent in your city together. You remember the love you felt for this man, the first love you had ever felt.

You looked at the hand that gripped the glass. Those hands were the first ones to touch you. They were the first to caress your body and they were the first ones to harm it. Those long legs were the first to run to you in times of need and the first ones to run after you to keep you from leaving. Those deep eyes were the first to seduce you, and the first to cage you into chaos. And when your eyes landed to his torso, you knew that yes, inside that chest, lies a heart that once beat innocently for you only to pump poisoned rage when his true being emerged.

This was your ex. A man of great depth.

A man of great danger.

Although the colors of this history are rather grim, it is not a black and white story. He gave you life, but he also took it away. He may seem to be a villain, but he was once your prince in shining armor.

“You’re not speaking.” He took another step towards you. “Are you too shocked for words at seeing me after 2 whole years?” He neared you, but you had no idea what to do or say. To stay? To run? To speak? To listen…

To your surprise, a suited figure shielded you away from the approaching man’s outreached hands. It was none other than your boyfriend who had rushed forward to keep you safe. It was a subtle action; to anyone at the party, it may have just looked like he walked up beside you, but he had an arm around your waist, ready to pull you away if needed.

This shocked your ex and he jumped back a bit in reaction to this quick change of situation. “You are…?” his eyebrows furrowed in annoyance.

Even in the most tense situations, your boyfriend kept up appearances and offered his hand out to X. “I am _______. _________’s boyfriend.”

X took your man’s hand in his, and they dueled in strength as their grips turned their knuckles white. This handshake was not the same as the one between your man’s and your father’s. This one was more a proclamation of ownership, of war, of hostility with the intention to kill if the situation permitted.

“Call me, X. But boyfriend? I’m disappointed, ________.” He ignored your boyfriend and turned his attention towards you. “You’ve replaced me.”

“Nothing to replace,” your boyfriend stated with a glare.

"If you don’t mind, I was in the middle of a conversation with her. Please come back when we’re finished." X grabbed at your hand and tried to pull you away, but your boyfriend tossed his hand aside.

"Anything you need to say to her you can say in front of me."

“Why don’t you just back off for a minute there, sir,” X spat as he walked right up to your man, glaring into his eyes inches away as they faced off. “I haven’t seen the woman I love for 2 years, and you just think you can walk right into our private conversation? Why don’t you take a walk?” X gestured with his hand to shoo your boyfriend away. “Take a breather.”

“The woman you love? Are you kidding?”

“What makes you say that I am?”

“Liar.” Your boyfriend’s arm wrapped tighter around you. All this while, you could only watch, your mind completely blank at what to do and your mouth unable to utter a single thing.

“Am I? … Did she ever tell you that I was her first man? There’s a lot of things that I know about her that you don’t. I’ve been through things with her that you will never experience.” X whispered inside your boyfriend’s ear, “She’s mine.”


“Leave. You don’t belong here.”

“You leave. Don’t touch her.”

“She belongs with me. Her body remembers that.”


Just as your boyfriend’s arm left your waist and was ready to sock X in the stomach, a pack of girls in sleek dresses squealed and swarmed the room. “Oh my God! He’s gorgeous!” They all ran up to him and basically pushed you out of the way. You stumbled and nearly lost your balance, but you fell back into a man’s chest.

“We need to talk.”

X gripped your hand and dragged you away as your boyfriend tried to navigate around these crazy girls who were firing questions at him because he was new, mysterious, rich, and handsome. These pests were in his way, as he strained his neck to follow where you both had disappeared, it was already a little late.

You staggered through the empty, dark, marble hall way, past mirrors lining the walls, and unlit lamps.

“Let go of me!” You tried to pry his hands off of your wrist, but he slammed you against the wall instead.

“So you can talk now.”

“Let go of me!”

"Let’s talk. That’s all I want. Please."

He locked your wrists together and held them up, trapping you in your place as his face was threateningly close, so close that you could feel his heavy breathing against your exposed neck.

"Talk then."

“He’s not your boyfriend.”

“Yes, he is.”

“I’m your boyfriend. Was, is, and always will be. Your only love. You even told me yourself!”

“That was years ago. I said that to you before I found out how you really were!”

"Do you remember…" he breathed. "That time you were stranded in the park and I helped you out? That’s when we first met. Do you remember the spark we felt? That was love at first sight. Do you remember?"


"You loved me then. I know you did. I saw it in your eyes."

"I did love you. I used to. I don’t love you anymore."

He clenched his eyes shut. “Do you remember our first kiss? You were at my house and no one was home but you and me. And we were in my room playing around as usual… You wanted me to do it then. I know you did. And we kissed. And that was one of the best days of my life.”

"It used to be for me too, but-"

"And that time when-"

"Stop! I don’t to hear it!"


"We’re done!"

"No, we’re not! I never said this could end. I never said! You just ran away from me. I know you still loved me when you left. I’ve missed you so much, you don’t even know! I’ve had two endure all two years on my own without you. Didn’t our relationship mean ANYTHING to you? We were together for years… how could you just throw all of that away and leave me? How could you leave me like that? You know how much you mean to me. You knew. I loved you, I still love you. I know you still love me now too. Just look at me."

He tried to make eye contact with you but you kept avoiding his gaze.


“Look at me. All those lonely days I’ve had to endure here… I missed you. My house is lonely without you, the front seat of my car empty without you, the coffee shop boring without you, my life beyond bearable without you! Don’t you know how much I love you?!”

“You don’t love me.”

“I do!” He smashed his lips against yours, but you turned away. “Why won’t you look at me? If you just looked at me, you would understand.”

He held your wrists with one hand and forced your face back to him with the other, his hand squeezing your cheeks to make you look at him. He claimed your lips again, and tears welled up in your eyes. The nightmare was beginning all over again. This was how it always was. He told you how much he loved you, but the ways he would show it wasn’t right.

You bit his lips as hard as you could to make him stop, causing him to flinch at the pain. “Stop it!”

He pressed his hand into your shoulder and pinned you against the wall that way as his hand slapped you across your cheek.

“Why is it that you make me into such a brute?” He cornered you with his pelvis pushed against you and the wall, his arms on both sides of you like a cage. You looked away from him, but he forced your face towards him again the same way he did before. “You make the ugly side of me come out. I love you! Why can’t you see that? Why can’t you just accept my love with open arms again? Huh? You make me do all these things to you because you just can’t HEAR me if I don’t. Look at me!”

“This isn’t love.”

“What, and you think what you have with him is? You barely even know him. I’ve been with you for years! There’s no one who knows you and loves you better than I do.”

“He cares about me enough not to hurt me. Your love isn’t love,” you choked.

“Look at me. Listen to me.” His eyes were seeping with rage, desperation, and pain as he stared you down, your face still in his hurtful grip. “I’ve waited for you for two years now. A man wouldn’t wait that long if he didn’t love you. I even have a girl now, but I’ll toss her to the curb for you. When I’m with her, I imagine you in her place. I pretend she’s you. She’s nothing compared to you. We’re nothing. She’s nothing. You. You’re the only one for me. I know it. You came back to me.”

“That poor girl…”

“LISTEN TO ME. Are you hearing what I’m saying?!” He shook you violently.

“No! And I’m never going to again! Now leave me alone!” You tried to push him away, struggling with all your might, but his hold was too strong. “We’re through!”

“No one can have you but me!”

Your stomach dropped when he started digging your dress up. “What are you doing?!”

"Your body will remember who it belongs to after this. I’ll make you remember."

He dug his hand into your panties and raked your skin painfully. You screamed, but he covered your mouth.

"Stop screaming!" he hissed. "This is the only way you ever listen to me. You make me so horrible. You think I enjoy this? You always leave me with no choice."

You glared at him with wet eyes. No matter how charming this man was, the way he showed his love was wrong. It was all wrong. You struggled against him, trying to push him away with your hands against his chest.

As he was about to strike you again to make you stop, he was knocked over with a punch from your boyfriend. You gasped, your eyes wide open in shock.

Your boyfriend couldn’t turn to you because your ex was not finished. Instead, he pulled you away from the wall and behind him so that you were away from the danger.

“Don’t touch my girl!” His voice was strong, but you could hear the distress and pain behind it. One minute later and he would’ve been too late. This killed him inside.

“I can say the same for you,” X said as he straightened up from the blow. “She belongs with me.” He charged towards your boyfriend and hit him on the shoulder as your boyfriend tried to dodge the blow. X grabbed him into a headlock, dragging him away from you and tossed him against the stone wall. Your boyfriend coughed as he slumped forward after the wind was knocked out of him.


When you rushed forward to help him, X shoved you away causing you to hit the floor. “Stay over there until I finish with him! Don’t interfere. You’re mine and I need him to understand that the hard way!”

“_______-ah!” He rushed towards you, but X turned around and punched him on the side of his face. Blood dripped from his nose and stained his white dress shirt. “I don’t care if you hit me, but don’t hit her!”

“I’ll do whatever I want to her.” X walked over to you pulled you up by your arm as your boyfriend tried to stand. You slapped his face.

“Did you just-”

You glared at him defiantly. He struck you again until you were on the floor, and your boyfriend tackled him from behind after being distracted.

“Don’t touch her!”

It was one hit after another. Your boyfriend was out of breathe. X had the fueling uncontrollable rage, and your boyfriend simply didn’t. It was a desperate one. He supported himself up with stone wall and X was rising up from the ground.

“You just don’t give up do you?!”

“No,” he breathed. “Leave.” He was leaning on the wall to support him up, but X averted his attention and jumped towards you, grabbing you up by your arm again. “Stop!”

“Drop her!” a voice bellowed in the hall.

It was your friend, the host of the party, who rushed towards you guys with a few bodyguards that immediately yanked X’s arms back and kept him from hurting anyone.

“What is this?!” X called out.

“You sure do have the nerve to show up in my house, X! Why did you come back?! Take him away. Let the cops deal with him.”

“I’m not going to let things end like this!”

Your friend was at your side, with an arm around your shoulder protectively. “You’re through X! I’ll see to it that your reputation will be ruined for life if it’s the last thing I’ll do!” The bodyguards took him away and the hall was filled with heavy breathing from your boyfriend who now stumbled over to you.

“______-ah, where does it hurt?” He fell to his knees and his hands touched you everywhere in worry. “Tell me where it hurts! We need to take you to the hospital.” He turned to your friend and said to him in English, “Hospital. Take her to hospital!”

“I don’t need to go to the hospital! You need it more than I do, pabo! Look at yourself!” You wiped the blood off of his nose to show him.

“No, I’m not worried about myself right now. I don’t need it. It’s too much trouble. This is only a little worse than really hard dance practice weeks. _______-ah, let’s go to the hospital right now to get you checked.”

“Do we need to go the hospital?” your friend asked.

You worried about all the commotion that this could cause. Imagine if this story got leaked in Korea! “We’ll go home. I’ll take care of him. If he needs the hospital we will go. I think we should just go home. I need to leave.” You tried to pull your boyfriend up and dialed your father’s phone number.

“Are we going to the hospital? You should-” he asked frantically.

“We’re going home.”


“I want to go home.” He couldn’t argue with this. He knew you must’ve been feeling a lot of mental pain. This was a very overwhelming night.

“Let’s go home.”

“Do I need to call a cab?” Your friend asked. The Korean confused him.

“No, my father will pick us up.”

Your father pulled up to front of the mansion in a fit at the sight of how horrible you both looked. His dress shirt was stained with blood, his face with blood smears all over, his hair a mess. You didn’t look too far off either.

“What happened?!” He yelled as he came out to help you both into the car.

“He was there. _______ dealt with him rather nicely though. I think if it weren’t for him, your daughter would be in an even worse state,” your friend explained as he helped you in.

From where you were downhill you looked up at the mansion and saw your ex being led away by the bodyguards. A young girl followed them closely, pleading them desperately.

“Dad, can we please go home?”

“Ah, yes. Right away. We’ll get you both fixed at home.” Your father thanked your friend and drove quickly.

At some point, he looked back into the rear view mirror and saw that although you had fallen asleep, your boyfriend’s arms were around your shoulders protectively as he watched the scenery outside of the window pass by.