Summer Lust

Rating: M+ (for language and sexual content)
Warning: The style is “dirtier” than my previous scenarios.

Requests: Walk in on him without his shirt on (M), Angry sex (ver 2)

“Hey, wanna come over? The guys are playing cards and I’m bored,” his deep voice murmured from the other line, loud roars coming from the background.

“Sure. I’ll be there in 10,” you answered before ending the call.

He was the cool guy, someone who a mutual friend introduced (one of his band members actually), and the moment you met him, you knew that he was different. With a style that read “manly” and “sexy,” a smirk and a pose with his hands in his jean pockets, his presence screamed an unparalleled confidence. Not only was his appearance killer, but his voice was to die for as well. Like crimson velvet, his voice flowed in murmurs as if to tease you, pinching at your body to recognize his potential. “What’s your name?” You could swear the moment that his eyes met yours, an dangerous fire ignited within you. To your dismay, you had to clear your throat a few times due to dryness before you could give him your name. “I’ll remember you,” he chuckled.

He made very consistent eye-contact and every so often you caught his stare lingering longer than a normal stranger would dare. There was a twinkle in his eyes that you couldn’t drag your eyes away from, something that hinted at playfulness but seduction.

By the end of your lunch time get-together with friends, you had both grown to be acquaintances, and by the time you had to part ways, you had exchanged phones to type in each other’s contacts. “Don’t be surprised if I call you sometime,” he said.

And he did so occasionally, when he was bored (which seemed very often, which was odd for an idol), or when he had arguments with his girlfriends – all but one, now exes. That’s when you realized that he wasn’t actually hitting on you this whole time. This guy just exuded sexual charm everywhere he went to whomever was in his presence.

The most awkward thing was on another occasion when everyone got together in the summer time heat, he had his arms around the shoulders of another girl who wore rather revealing clothes. You didn’t know what he saw in her, because she was very arrogant and vain, fake and overly cutesy when she was with the other males, everything the complete opposite of you. She wasn’t the only one either. It was as if he changed to a new girl every month, and all of them had a similar vibe. So, he was into these kind of girls. You dropped out of the game and directed your sight away from him. This guy meant danger, and getting involved with him, you reasoned, would not be good news. You knew he wasn’t into you, so why was it that when you glanced over at them making out at the table in a clubbing scene, you caught his gaze burning into you as he let that girl bite his lower lip? Like as if he wanted you to see it? Your heart skipped a beat for whatever reason, and you excused yourself to go to the bathroom to cool your burning cheeks, legs quivering slightly. It happened more than once, and you had the same reaction every time. This guy was going to be the death of you. You were sure of it.

Your mind was telling you “no.” But your body begged to differ.

After you arrived at the dorm, people greeted you quickly and loudly when they heard the door close, but went right back to the game. Despite the sweltering summer heat, the atmosphere was full of energy, the room as crazy as an Asian restaurant on a Saturday morning, but filled with attractive, hollering young men instead. The room was unbearably warm, and everyone was dressed in loose tanks and shorts. Amidst the chaos, you tapped your band member friend and asked where your caller was, and he pointed down the hall to one of the closed doors hidden in the shadows.

“Do I just go in?” you asked, dabbing some sweat off of your forehead.

“Yeah, go ahead,” he answered speedily without looking away from his cards. You left the room without anyone noticing you at all.

Upon reaching the door, you gave it a light knock just to be polite anyway, but received no answer. When you pressed your ear against the door, you realized there was music playing on the other side. It was song with a heavy beat, almost like trance or electronica style. You knocked a little harder the second time around, still with no reply.

You prayed you wouldn’t be opening the door at the wrong moment. What if his stupid girlfriend decided to come and they were in there having sex or something? That would’ve been twenty minutes wasted of travel time, and shame on him, if that was the case! Was this another one of his “look at me getting it on with my girlfriend” moments? What were his intentions anyway? To make fun of the fact that he had girls begging on their knees to have him and you didn’t? Maybe it was partially the heat that fueled your anger, because you just didn’t seem all that fantastic about seeing him anymore. Now you HOPED that you would be walking in at the wrong moment.

You pushed the door open forcefully without warning, “Look, if you called me here to pull another one of your stupid-”

You hoped that if you caught him in the act, doing the dirty with some annoying beezy, he’d feel shame for it and maybe to your delight, she’d start screaming out of embarrassment and the whole party outside would come running in.

But alas, he was alone, standing by his CD collection at the desk looking at you with a neutral expression, not as surprised as you would have expected from someone who just saw a person barge into their room without warning.

He was just standing there, slightly turned towards you.


Curses to the all the forces of the Universe, he was shirtless with a pair of black basketball shorts that hung over his well-defined hips.

“It’s good to see you too,” he said sarcastically. You were frozen in place with a hand on the doorknob, the other half in the air from your earlier attempt of accusation. “Do you… wanna come in?” he asked hesitantly. Why did he make you out to seem so stupid? Now you were the confused one, standing like an idiot at the door gaping at a half-naked guy.

You walked right in, but left the door open, so he glided across the room past you to close it quietly. In the moment that he walked towards you, everything felt like it was in slow motion. His body glistened with a thin layer of sweat and you caught a strong whiff of his natural smell (that actually filled the room to a lesser degree). You closed your eyes without realizing it, drinking in his masculine scent. It tickled your body, filled your stomach with butterflies, and to your surprise, relaxed you like waves soothing the sands of a beach.

“Do you like the way I smell?” he chuckled beside your ear.

Realizing with a shock at how obvious you had been, you immediately covered the ear he breathed in and ducked away from him towards the desk. “N-no.”

“Liar,” he laughed as he walked towards you. “Why were you so angry when you came in? You seemed normal when I called.”

“No reason.”

“… Why all the choppy sentences?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’ve been very cold to me lately. We used to have fun you know. You used to have all kinds of creative ways to answer my questions, but now all I get are these shit responses. What happened to us?”

“You turned into a douche, that’s what.”

“That’s not nice. Making accusations without evidence… So why come at all today after I called you?”

Why WERE you here? You’d given up on him – at least that’s what you convinced yourself in your head. “To be honest, I don’t know,” you snapped. And that was the damn truth.

“Don’t you…?” he muttered as he became awfully close to you, trapping your body against his desk edge with his hips.

“What are you-”

“You came to see me… do you really not know?” he whispered in your ear over the booming bass.

Your legs were beginning to lose strength with all that air whisping past your sensitive skin, and his low tone of voice did not help you either. Despite your body’s obvious reactions, you tried to push him off of you half-assed. “No, I really don’t, now get off of me.” You avoided his eyes at all costs because you knew that one look would mean game over for you.

“Give me a reason why.” His nose teased your cheeks. You clenched your eyes shut immediately, your arms up between the two of you like a wall protectively. He leaned in close with his hands on the desk top behind you anyway.

“Girlfriend,” you spat. “You have a girlfriend. This is what you do with her, not me. This isn’t fair to her, so get off of me before you do something you’ll regret!”

“Are you… jealous of her?” he mused. At this assumption, your eyes flew open in rage.

“Jealous of her?! Excuse you, but no. I really don’t know why you think you’re so awesome and drop-dead sexy or whatever but jealous is the last thing I am! I was wrong about you. I didn’t think you were the type to cheat like this, but now I see how you’re really like, you jerk. Maybe those girls get down on their knees for you and do all that kinky shit that you want me to see, for some fucked up reason, but I’ve had it with you. I wouldn’t go for you in a million years, so you can just-”

But before you could go on, he silenced you with a crushing kiss. Your eyes widened in disbelief and you were frozen at first, but you were able to snap out of it just as quickly and pushed him away by the chest. This douchebag! Where was your dignity?!

“I want YOU to do that kinky shit with me,” he breathed between gritted teeth. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you.”

“You think I’m gonna fall for that?” you interrupted. “I’m not that easy, you dick!”

“I know you aren’t! You were never easy,” he grabbed you in by the waist with almost a painfully tight grip and reasoned with you in hisses with his forehead pressed against yours, but yours pushing back against him in anger. “How obvious do I have to be before you finally understand that I have feelings for you? Since the beginning, I was nothing but clear as a fucking crystal with you! Do I really need to burn the words ‘I want you’ with your name on my forehead for you to see what I mean?”

“You might as well just because I’d love to see how that’ll treat your career, pretty boy. You’re an idiot if you think I’d believe you. All those girls… were they just play things then?! Little toys to pass by idle time?!”


“And what makes me any different than them, hm?”

“You’re all I dream about, you’re all I’ve wanted.” He captured your lips again, this time prying your mouth open to let his tongue slip in. You turned your head away from him. “Did it bother you,” he started as his hands try to urge you to look at him, “when you saw them kissing me? You never reacted, never showed that you cared. Why were you so apathetic? Why couldn’t you just tell me your true feelings for me? I know you have them. I know you like me.”

“Oh so you ‘KNOW’ I like you, smartass? If you know, then instead of forcing me to watch you hitting it off with a bunch of bitches, why don’t you just ASK me if it’s true, you jerk?!” you yelled, causing your chest to heave out of frustration.

You both stared at each other for what felt like eternity, eyes staring each other down, trying to understand what every little word implied. Hands clenched, jaw tightened, sweat dripping down your brow. You had both wanted it, just as badly as the other. That’s what this whole argument had just revealed.

In a matter of seconds, he leaned forward past you to turn the volume up and the heavy beat of the music pounded your eardrums and vibrated your bodies, before he grabbed your face with his hands and crushed his mouth against yours in desire. Instinctively, your hands went to his wrists, but your lips and tongue danced with his in a hot mess.

Your eyes had met. It was game over for you.

“You taste better than I imagined,” he breathed against your parted lips.

“Just shut up and fuck me,” you growled as you grabbed a fistful of his hair before biting his lip.

He grabbed a hold of your thighs and yanked you up to seat you onto the desk edge, knocking CDs, pencils, and paper onto the ground. He was still taller, so his body curled over yours as his tongue slid from your jaw down your exposed neck and onto your collar bone, leaving a damp trail on your skin. Though you didn’t wear as little as he did, your short shorts and loose tank left much of your body uncovered, allowing his hands to roam your skin freely all along your outer thighs, under your tank on your back, on your stomach, your arms. Your lips moved to the beat.

But you didn’t think it fair that he had all this dominance over your body on the desk, so you locked your legs around his hips as you kissed him and jumped onto him, causing him to stumble backwards with you wrapped tightly in his arms. He groaned when his back hit the wall and he spun around to support you against the surface, now with you being higher.

“So what’s that kinky shit that you wanted me to do, huh?” you breathed.

“Taste me, ride me, let me fuck you until your legs can’t stop shaking with pleasure.” His pelvis nailed you to the wall, allowing one hand to slip under your shirt and squeeze your breasts in a circular motion under your bra. “Tell me what you want and I’ll deliver until you’re more than satisfied…”

“Why don’t you put me down first, hot shot?” you smirked. He slid you down gently until your feet hit the floor, at which you pushed him away by his stomach, leading him towards the other side of the room where his back hit the door with a thump. “Don’t move.”

You walked to the middle of the room, exaggerating your hip movement and pulled off your tank top with a little shimmy with your back still facing him. He groaned. “You’re killin me…” You turned around to eye him seductively as you unbuttoned and unzipped your shorts, agonizingly slow. “Fuck,” he hissed at the sight of you.

To spare him of more suffering, you strut back to him but despite his open arms to you, your hands continued to slide down past his stomach, pulling his pants and boxers with him as you lowered yourself onto your knees. His member bounced out of its restrictions, and you teased him first with a finger sliding from end to end. “Are you really going to tease me like this all afternoon despite all the fucking frustration you put me through before today?” his voice grumbled.

“I’d like to.” Especially since he did the same to you.

You touched him everywhere before wrapping your hand around his base and taking his length into your mouth. His hands turned to fists as his eyes closed and head turned up, moaning at the sensation. How long had he been waiting for this? Always, he had imagined this very scene when he’d catch you licking your lips. Oh how he craved it then, to feel your soft lips pleasuring his manhood this way, and finally he got it.

You flitted your tongue inside your mouth against his slit as you pumped your hand up and down his hard shaft, earning strained grunts from him as he watched you. You took his whole length into your mouth now and pumped in and out and left him speechless as his head was clouded over with bliss.

He could feel himself wanting to come really soon, but there was no way he would waste this opportunity that quickly. He wanted to really show you what he was capable of now that the truth was out. He wanted to ravish your body, touch every little corner of you, make you scream his name now that he had you all to himself. So instead of allowing himself to release right away, he pulled your head away, and covered his member with his pants again before yanking you up onto your feet. You were completely blown away by his self-control (a little disappointed even, because you wanted him to “lose”), but then realized that you shouldn’t have been so surprised at his experience. He was a fucking sex machine, you were sure of that.

He snaked his arms around your waist as he made out with you and unclasped your bra in less than a second, moving his arms to your chest, kneading your breasts under your loose bra as if they were his play things. When he started flicking his fingers against your hardened buds, you gasped into his mouth, causing him to chuckle darkly before he bent down and took one into his mouth, sucking hungrily. He massaged the other with just as much attention, causing you to whip your head back in pleasure. You moaned his name.

It was a beautiful sound, the way you called him so desperately. He began to feel excited at this discovery of a new high, and drew you up into his arms to toss you onto his bed a few feet away. You threw your bra onto the floor and got on your knees on his bed, tugging your shorts and undies down past your butt and bent over onto your hands, looking back at him mischievously. He felt ready to explode a the sight of you welcoming him this way.

When his hands went to your newly exposed skin, an urgent thought suddenly occurred to you.“Wait, is your door locked?”

“No,” he said, kissing your back as his hand touched your womanhood from the front, pushing your butt against his bulge under his smooth shorts.

You moaned automatically, but tried to gather your thoughts away from that exciting feeling in between your legs so you wouldn’t embarrass yourself. “What if they come in?” You had almost forgotten about that game happening outside, but occasionally you heard the typical manly roar from the living room.

“I really can’t bring myself to give a fuck when you’ve got that beautiful body inviting me in,” he growled as his fingers teased your clit. The self control you tried to gather left your mind immediately now that his long fingers were giving your clit a fantastically good rub. “Don’t clamp your legs together, baby… you’ve got to spread em wide and open for me.” He gave your butt a slap when you weren’t moving quick enough.

His hand moved in circular motion against your womanhood, rubbing your folds and everything in between, going real slow, causing you to beg for more. “What you give, you get back. Painful isn’t it?”

“You’re such an ass,” you spat.

“But you like it,” he smirked.

“In your dreams.”

“Your mouth says ‘no,’ but your body can’t lie. I can feel you. You’re getting wetter and wetter by the second,” he whispered into your ear, playing with the wetness that oozed out of you.

Well shit, he got you there.

You crawled further onto the bed and he went after you, pulling your shorts and panties off completely. You tackled him onto the bed, locking him in place as you straddled his hips with your legs. Now you were completely naked on top of him.

He supported himself up with his elbows as you peeled his shorts and boxers off again, just enough to let his member emerge. “Ready to go, bad boy?” you smirked, giving him a kiss as your hands positioned his tip right under your folds.

“Ride me.”

You sunk into him, causing both of you groan. You stabled yourself by holding onto his shoulders when you first started bobbing your pelvis, but when he came up because he wanted it faster, you fell back to allow your hands to support you, arching your stomach forward. One of his hands spread across your chest, the other on the small of your back as he ground into you as well. Both of you were slamming into each other as deeply as you both could go, causing the bed to creak noisily.

“Oh God,” he breathed. “I didn’t think this would would feel so… ungh… GOOD…” he yelled.

“Shut up,” you hissed, “or they’re gonna hear us.”

“Call my name,” he said as he sucked hickeys onto your neck. “Loud enough for them to all hear. I want em all to know I’m fucking the naughtiest girl in the world right now. Louder!”

When you bit his ear in defiance, he flipped you over, locking your wrists into one hand that he held over your head. You couldn’t move because his hips in between your thighs had trapped you so well that they didn’t even touch the mattress.

“You’re going to start screaming my name in less than a minute, baby girl.”

“Let me see you try and make me then.”

He positioned himself again and rammed into you, causing you to cry out. He did you real slow at first with some amazing body rolls, before he started to pick up speed when he saw that your moans were still not enough to satisfy him. You squirmed underneath him, your body becoming totally sensitive to everything: his tight grip on your wrists, the beautifully painful hit every time he pushed himself in, even the little droplets of sweat falling onto your cheeks from his forehead. He was going in so hard now that the wood of the bed was tapping against the wall furiously which only turned him on even more.

In the living room, during a little period of more quiet, one of the boys asked, “Do you hear something?”

“I don’t hear anything.”

“Not other than his music.”

“You don’t hear that thumping?”

“It’s the music, stupid! Now play your card and stop stalling!”

He had you pinned against the door now, bouncing you on his shaft.

“No, not here!” you managed to moan. You really didn’t want to be caught in such a crude situation, but the things he was doing to your body was such a distraction at the moment.

“You aren’t being loud enough, baby. Scream it, scream my name.” He bit into your neck and you gasped.

“Don’t; I don’t want us to be caught,” you turned your face away from him, but your hands went flying to the back of his neck the moment his cock found the right place inside you. With a yell so loud that escaped your throat, you were confident that everyone in the dorm heard you for sure now.

But the truth is, you really didn’t give a fuck.

“Is he listening to screamo now?” the same band member as before asked.

“You should really be more worried about what card you’re gonna play rather than a dude’s taste in music, man.”

He had you against the bed again because feeling your whole body writhing in pleasure underneath him was a fetish. Holding your wrists captive was another. He was panting and hissing above you at the pleasure of feeling those tight walls opening and closing in on his manhood, but he finally let go of your arms so that he could hold onto your hips tighter to get the right angles. Restraint was clearly not necessary for you anymore anyway, because you found yourself clawing at his back at the mixture of pain and pleasure. This was when you started to lose it and you half-screamed, half-moaned his name over and over, pleading him.

“Are you coming yet, baby girl?” he murmured into your ear, licking off the sweat sliding down your neck.

You were whining sex noises for him, etching red marks all over his back and shoulders and when you did finally come, it was a climax that was so amazing you saw stars. The muscles in your abdomen pulsed as you loosened yourself around him. He came soon after as well, releasing a tense sigh and held himself above you, catching his breath.

He stared down at you, letting his eyes wander from your half-lidded eyes, to your disheveled hair, to the purple marks he left on your neck, to your full breasts right below him. “You’re beautiful,” he sighed, falling onto his bed and pulling your naked body against his chest. He rubbed your sensitive womanhood gently. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, but I broke up with that girl a week ago.” You turned to look at him. “Be my girl. I’d do your body right and love you like no other,” he whispered into your ear.

You certainly didn’t doubt that.

From the living room, some chaotic hollering ensued and a voice yelled, “New game! Let’s start a new game!”