Hot Hotel

Rating: M-M+ (cuz its dirtay dirtay)

What a swell dinner party this was.

Classy, but uneventful.

His company’s friends invited everyone to a dinner at a fancy hotel, complete with dim lights and candle-light. Glasses tinkered and the restaurant buzzed with some small talk, some enthusiastic conversation, but overall, nothing of interest to you.

“Are you bored?” he whispered into your ear.

You were both sitting at the end of the table. The seats were more like sofas – comfortable, and the table was covered with a crimson cloth that spread onto the carpeted floors.

You took a sip of your wine before answering him. “Aren’t you?”

You were careful with the glass. Staining your new satin maroon-colored dress wouldn’t be a nice way to end your night. Your whole looked matched well with the seductive setting: hair wavy and let loose to cascade over your shoulders and neck, painted red lips, smokey eyes, and sleek heels. Your boyfriend looked quite dashing as well in his white dress-shirt that he left unbuttoned at the top, and black slacks.

“Should we… start our own boring conversation then?” he asked with a chuckle.

“You start it then. What do you wanna talk about?” You took another sip of alcohol.

“Heheh… okay then. Hmmm…” he curled his finger around his chin. “Name a place you want to have sex at.” His eyes gleamed with excitement.

That was really forward. And random. You nearly tipped your glass over, but you answered, “A pool.”

“OooOooOoo… I like that. I’ll say… in the car.”

“We should try that sometime.”

“Oh, you like that?” he replied darkly.

“Hm… outside. Under the stars.”

“I’ll be sure to plan a camping trip sometime, jagi-yah. In a library.”

“Are you crazy?!”

“I like the idea of the danger. And of you trying to control your moaning… but being unable to because I just turn you on so much.”

“Ugh,” you gave him a light slap on the shoulder. He just laughed to himself. “Okay, in an office then.”

“Office sex? I see you in a tight blouse and sexy black heels. Mm! I like that. Okay, in a doctor’s office. You can be a nurse and I’ll be the doctor. How about a little check-up…” his hand started to reach towards your breasts jokingly but you knocked his hand away so the others wouldn’t see. Though your conversation was private, you were all still in a public place. Nobody was paying attention though.

“Waeeeee…” he whined. “No one’s looking,” he whispered.

“Not right now…” you fidgeted away from him a little when he tried to get closer.

“Okay, let’s continue our conversation then.”

“Hmm… In every room of your dorm.”

“Even the others’ bedrooms?!”

“Yep. On all of their beds, on all the floors. Let’s mess up their shit.”

“Oh, you nasty, nasty girl…” he giggled as he bit your ear.

“Hey!” You covered your ear quickly. “Control yourself!”

He looked you straight in the eyes with a smile like a child. “No.” You rolled your eyes and looked away. “On the balcony.”

“You have some crazy ideas,” you commented.

“I like danger,” he winked.

“In a classroom.”

“Without kids, right? Because that’s just…” You smacked his arm because of his idiocy and he just laughed. “On my car!”

“How about a car wash some time?” you winked.

He froze for a moment and took a second to respond. “Just imagining you wet all over like that, bending over a machine with little clothing… that’s some stimulating imagery you’re giving me there…” he muttered in your ears. Again, he came closer. This time letting an arm fall around your shoulders.

“In an elevator,” you said.

“In a hotel,” he smirked against your cheek.

You looked at him for a moment.

“This hotel.”

Oh, man.

“This hotel, right here, right now.”

With that, his arm that was around you slowly slid down your back until it curled around your waist. His fingers drew little circles on your hips, causing you to gasp at the sudden teasing.

“Wanna play a different game?” he asked.


“How about: what would you do with me right now if you had me alone all to yourself?”

“Are you trying to make me do something foolish? Like flip this table and just take you right in front of everyone here?”

“I’m trying to make you lose your self control actually,” he grinned. His hand came forward and this time, he stroked your thigh, agonizingly slow so that no one would notice the movement. Your legs automatically clamped together, but his fingers made your body burn with desire.

“Is it working…?” he whispered into your ear, causing your cheeks to blush. “Answer my question, jagi.”

“I would…” you took a breath to calm yourself a bit, but his stroking didn’t stop. “Firstly, remove every article of clothing from your body…”

“And then…?”

“Push you right onto the bed and ride you like there’s no tomorrow. Wouldn’t even need to take the time to play because my body really doesn’t… need it right now to be ready for you…” you said airily.

“Really? Mind if I check a little bit?”

Very subtly, his hand slipped in between your inner thighs and pushed up your dress. You didn’t want to hold back anymore – you could barely contain yourself from letting out moans, and your body shivered at his touch. Even if you were sitting at a dinner table with so many people around, all you wanted was to feel him. This “boring” conversation had you all riled up and there was little ways to stop this ever-growing lust now. You let his hand wander. You wanted this as badly as he did.

He held his glass in the other hand to look as if he were bored and uninterested to hide the fact that his mind was clouded in a heated frenzy. You held your glass too, but your grip on it was a bit tight, and tightening as his fingers found your panties.

He fingered the fabric and found that you were slightly wet. “I guess my conversations are actually quite effective at amusing you,” he stated casually.

His finger toyed with the fabric. You were wet, but not enough – not enough for his liking.

His fingers began to tug down at the lining of your underwear, but you stopped his hand and whispered frantically to him, “They’re going to see!”

“Not if you control yourself.”

“You just told me you’re trying to do the opposite. Trying to make me lose my self control!”

“That’s the fun part, jagi-yah. Will you be able to manage it…?” He rubbed your womanhood through the fabric, causing you to clench your eyes shut and grip the glass, trying really hard not to moan aloud.

Oh, but this man loved to torture you. His finger once again pried down the lining of your panties and made contact with your skin, causing you to shift your legs uncomfortably. You watched the people in front of you at the table to distract your mind a bit, but it was utterly useless as his middle finger began to slide down your slit and back up again.


“What was that, baby?”


“Your control is slipping…” His finger continued to slide up and down against your wet opening. “How long are you going to last…?” he mused.

“L-Long enough,” you retorted before taking another shaky sip of your wine.

“I can change that.”

Before you could object, his middle finger started to move in a circular motion, applying more pressure than before, but still extremely slowly. Each washed a wave of heated energy through you, and his fingers were getting more and more wet with you.

“Still think you can go on, hm?” he chuckled in your ear.

“Oh my-…mmmm…” You couldn’t even form sentences anymore. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was the incredible sensations coming from your lower body begging for release, but your mind was clouded over in a maroon red, slipping deeper and deeper into a dangerous need for bodily satisfaction. Your limbs and stomach were quivering with the building tension.

But just as he was about to help you reach that point, the woman next to him spoke. “So there’s talk of a new album release soon!”

To your great disappointment, he pulled his hand out of your dress slyly so that woman didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. You couldn’t even begin to imagine how you looked right now. A hot, hot mess, face as red as a cherry and sweat beads forming at the top of your forehead and all. So all you could do was look away and take another sip of your drink.

“Correct! But the details of the release date are still not set,” your boyfriend answered pleasantly. No one would ever guess he was just fingering you a few seconds ago – no, not this cheerful guy with the killer smile.

After they finished their brief conversation, he turned back to you, eying you mischievously. “Want another go…?”

“You know what, why don’t you try it?”

He smirked. “Try what?”

“Try to hold in all your moaning while I tease you. I don’t think you know how hard it is.”

“Oh, I think I do know how hard it is,” he said as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Your rolled your eyes. Nothing escapes that dirty mind of his. “Lean forward.”

He took his glass and did so, arching forward so he leaned his elbows on the table for support, now looking just like any man casually enjoying his drink. Your hands slipped under, gliding them against his bulge. You felt his shape, letting your hand mold against him, teasing him agonizingly slow like he did to you. You wanted him to have a taste of his own medicine.

You heard his breath quicken, but not a sound escaped his mouth as he held the glass against his lips. When your hand started to pick at the button on his slacks and the buckle of his belt, he held his breath for a moment in anticipation. You stopped, however, just to be a tease, and traced circles with your fingernails on his thighs, dragging them extra slow between his legs. His stomach tightened and that’s when you knew that he was definitely holding something in. Your fingers slid their way up his legs and across his hardened length, causing him to finally slip and let out a half groan, half sigh against his glass.

“Who’s losing control now? Don’t deny it.”

“I’m not going to…ah… deny it… But baby, grab a little harder for me.”

You did so, following the shape of him with your fingers. His eyebrows clenched together and he shifted his body a bit to get your hands to touch him more fully.

But all of a sudden, a male voice called his name from farther down the table, and you quickly moved your hand away. He groaned privately at the loss of touch, but turned towards the boy with his innocent smile. “Hyung! Did you hear that? The staff says no goofing off when we record our music video!”

“YA! Are you telling ME what to do, kid?”

“I – no – ah – sorry!”

After glaring at his dongsaeng for a minute in mock anger, he turned to you and exhaled in frustration at all the interruptions that kept happening.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said.

“Do you have an excuse?”

As you brought your glass of wine to your lips, he suddenly tipped it with a flick, causing the cold liquid to run from your cheeks down your neck and onto your dress. You were about to scream his name, but he covered your mouth and then uncovered it to say loud enough for others to hear, “Jagi-yah, I think you’ve had too much to drink tonight. Your dress needs fixing. Let’s go home, look how red you are already!” He got up and took your hand. All you could do was stare at him in disbelief. Did he really have to spill your drink to make something up!?

“I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their dinner,” he said and bowed.

“Oh, already?”

“Can’t stay for a bit longer?”

“I think I need to take her home a little earlier today. She usually doesn’t drink. She doesn’t look too well,” he smiled at them.

You were dragged along, and you bowed as well, blushing even more because he made you out to be such a clutz.

When you were both out of the restaurant and safely away from sight and earshot from the rest of the people, you yelled, “You didn’t have to do it like that! Now everyone thinks I’m a person who likes to get drunk at formal dinner parties!”

He kept up his fast walk, dragging you behind, not even bothering to turn around to face you. “I told them you don’t drink often. Which you don’t.”

“And my dress-”

“You can barely see the stain.”

“That’s not the point-”

“I’ll buy you a new one.”

You yelled out his full name as he dragged you through the hotel lobby, yanking your hand away from his grip, stopping him from his brisk steps.

He defiantly cupped your face and dragged you into a deep kiss. When he pulled away, he breathed into your parted lips, “I’m sorry, but even I’m not thinking straight when all that’s in my mind is how much I want to make love to YOU.” He kissed your unresponsive lips once again. “I’m sorry I spilled that drink on you, but getting you wet was definitely a part of my plan all night.”

The alcohol must’ve been taking a toll on him too because his cheeks were glowing pink and he was beginning to lose his logic. But he wanted you. All that careful teasing was simply not enough for him, and there was no way he was going to let you go tonight while you looked so ravishing. He wanted to slip you out of that dress, rock your body tonight, make you scream into the bed sheets, and he wanted the freedom to moan all he damn wanted to.

The feelings were mutual: your panties were soaked now, your lower body begging to be given attention. All you wanted now was him against the wall, on the bed, in the shower, on the floor – you didn’t care as long as you could feel his thickness filling you over and over again. You pulled in him and kissed him back hard.

At the lust that you let surge through your dancing tongues, he was tempted to take you then and there at the hotel lobby, but he broke away reluctantly and checked out a hotel key.

All the way up, in the elevator, down the halls, you could barely keep your hands off of each other, slamming into every wall on your way to your room, tasting each other, tugging at each other’s clothes.

When you finally got to your door, he fumbled with the key but couldn’t get the key through the keyhole, so you snatched it from him and tried it yourself. He pinned you against the door face-forward by pressing his lower body into you as his hands roamed from your thighs, up your waist to your arms and licked you from your exposed shoulders to your ear.

“I should just take you here,” he said gruffly into your neck. His breath was hot against your slick skin. “We’re in a hotel right now anyway, it would still count…”

You pushed him slightly away so that you could turn around, and grabbed him by the collar into you. Your tongues twisted and turned, feeding off of each other’s anticipation and heart-pumping lust. He yanked up one of your thighs, pressing you back up against the door as you unbuttoned his top. Your dress rode up naturally, revealing your legs and a peek of your panties.

You managed to get the key into the keyhole in all this commotion, but then he slammed a hand next to your neck to stable himself with the door and thrust his pelvis against yours, causing you both to moan. He wrapped his arms around you and lifted you up, keeping you propped up with his lower body against the door, capturing your lips again.

“I can’t wait anymore, I’m just going to make love to you right here in this hallway,” he said in a raspy voice.

If hotel sex was going to happen, it was going to happen inside a room, privately, no matter how much he had a fetish for danger. You jangled the door knob and the door popped open to his surprise, causing you both to stumble and fall into the room. You were about to rise up, but he crawled on top of you in between your legs and kissed you. You kicked the door shut from your position on the ground, and he smirked against your lips.

“You just love your privacy, don’t you? What’s wrong if people see us make hot, passionate love, jagi-yah? It’s natural.”

“Our love making will only be between us, got it? I’m not willing to share you with anyone else.” You bit into his neck and he growled.

He grabbed a hold of your hips and tugged you towards him, lifting your lower body off the ground, forcing your panties to meet his hardened bulge. He thrust into you slowly as he kissed you.

“Stop prolonging this,” you groaned wearily into his ear. You unbuckled and unzipped his pants in flurry.“I’m wet enough.”

He got up and pulled you with him, holding you from behind. “Are you really…?” he murmured into your ear. He peeled your dress up as his hands squeezed and fondled you everywhere, until it was completely off and you were in his strong arms in only your underwear. As one of his rough hands went south and into your undies, the other lifted your bra cups up and kneaded your breasts. The extra pressure from the tightness of your bra made your breasts extra sensitive, so his touches made you back into his body even more and mewl his name.

“If you… ah… keep touching me there, I’m going to- mmMMMmm… come-!”

His hands immediately shot of your underwear and grabbed your hips. “Not without getting to the real fun, jagi.” He walked you to the bed, leaving hickies all over your neck. His bare chest against your back was radiating heat and his unbuttoned dress shirt that clung onto his sweaty skin only made it warmer. The skin under his pants felt like they were set aflame. He couldn’t recall a time his body felt more agonizingly, so pleasurably heated.

At the foot of your bed, he gave your bottom a little push so that you got onto the bed on your hands and knees, but he didn’t let you go far. He kissed the curve of your back as he tore off your soaked panties. What he saw pleased him. You weren’t lying when you said you were wet enough.

The open air was killing you, however. The anticipation of feeling him enter you alone was enough to make you whine his name.

But just as you did, his length rammed into you, and rammed into you HARD. You screamed out of surprise, out of pain, out of pleasure.

“I’ve got you, baby, I’ve got you,” he hummed into your ear. He stroked your back soothingly for a few seconds to let you adjust.

He started to move again, sliding his length in and out of you with ease, deeper each time he went. His dress shirt slid down past his shoulders and hung there, half on, half off, but his pants and briefs had fallen to the floor.

“Unhhh…” He released tensed grunts each time he entered you. “You feel so good, you feel so good, jagi-yah,” he sighed.

You were moaning into the bed, your hands clawing at the sheets. “Oh my- I’m going to-”

At your cue, he bent forward momentarily and rubbed his middle finger against your clit once, but that was all it took to make you yell out and orgasm. Waves of pleasure rippled through your body in waves, and your opening released even more fluid, your body quivered, and your womanhood pulsated upon climax. You were far too aroused for too long not to orgasm this quickly.

All this he found especially arousing. He moved quicker and harder, not wasting anytime with your body. His head fell back and he moaned your name loudly into the room as you whimpered his.

“Ah… I’m…” And with one final tensed breath, you felt him release inside of you.

You both took a moment to just catch up on your breathing. You were both dripping with sweat, because you both had been so preoccupied upon entering the room that you had forgotten to turn on the AC.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked in between breathes. He pulled out of you and rubbed your back affectionately. “Sex in a hotel? My fantasy…” he smiled. He kicked off his pants and briefs as you collapsed onto the bed. He fell right beside you, pulling your naked body against his and kissed the hickies on your neck that he left you. “Let’s make one of yours come true next, ou…?” You turned to him and kissed him on the lips.

“Can’t wait.”